My BET Award’s Recap

One of the first things I thought of when I heard that Michael Jackson had passed away was “What is the BET Awards going to do to celebrate his life?” It was the question on everyone’s mind when they tuned in to the 9th annual awards last night. I am a huge BET Awards fan. Last night for the ninth year in a row I sat in front of my TV and watched the pre show, the show and a bit of the post show. In recent years the BET Awards have fallen off a bit. I believe it was in its prime for the first five years and the last three have been subpar. But this year was different because of the Michael Jackson tragedy. People who don’t normally watch the awards (like my mother) tuned in just to see how BET would honor Michael’s memory. There were rumors circulating that Chris Brown would perform and that members of the Jackson family would be there. Some rumors turned out to be true, others did not but I believe it was a solid show this year, with both good and bad moments. Here’s my breakdown of the night’s hits and misses.
Jamie Foxx as host – He was the best person to host this tribute to Michael Jackson. When he came out in the red jacket and tight pants and did the ‘Beat It’ dance it was pretty funny. He kept the show moving, and spoke about Jackson in a positive way, as a true fan would. He also performed about four times, doing some of Michael’s hits and some of his own. He cracks me up and I think he did a good job.
Ne-Yo performance – I loved Ne-Yo’s performance because like Alicia Keys did last year, he brought out old groups that no one has heard of in a while. Last year Alicia Keys brought out EnVouge, SWV and TLC, this year Ne-Yo represented for the fellas and the 90’s by bringing out Keith Sweat, Guy and Bel Biv Devoe. Seeing them brought back so memories because I grew up in the 90’s and hearing songs like ‘Poison’ brings back memories. I was jamming and it was great to see those old guys busting out the dance steps.
Maxwell – I just became a fan of ‘Pretty Wings’ and have been listening to it non-stop. Seeing it performed live made me love it even more. Taking away the falling feathers and the girls suspended mid air, it was a solid performance full of emotion.
The Michael Jackson tributes – They were sprinkled throughout the show and all of them were very good. The show opened with all the members of New Edition (including Bobby) doing a Jackson 5 medley, complete with the outfits and dance moves. Ne-Yo did a beautiful rendition of ‘Lady of my Life’, Ciara sang ‘Heal the World’ with just a piano, and the show closed with Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo singing a Michael song. I believe that no other awards show could have done a tribute to Michael like that, only focusing on his music, and the positive impact he’s had on the world. All of the pictures they showed of him were when he was young, not the frail, ghostly white man he was when he passed away. I loved hearing the celebrities say that they wouldn’t be where they are without the Jackson family. However, the best part of the night was when Janet came out. She is who I’ve been thinking about the most and seeing her made me cry. She was strong, but you could tell she’s hurting. It was a great way to end the show.
Keyshia Cole and Monica – There’s just something about that song ‘Trust’ that gets to me. I love it so much and both of them looked great. I haven’t seen Monica perform live in a long time and it brought back memories from when I was a kid and would watch her videos. It was nice to see her back up on stage and she looked great.
Jamie Foxx as host – In some ways he was great and in others he wasn’t. There were points where it felt like it was the Jamie Foxx show, constantly plugging his tour and saying stupid things. He definitely made me roll my eyes a few times.
Beyonce – This was the 6th time Beyonce has performed at the BET Awards and it was her worst performance. She has always had a dance element in her performances, from the lap dance with Destiny’s Child in ’05, to doing ‘Get Me Bodied’ in ’07, but this year it was such a disappointment. I was expecting her to do something for Michael, since she’s such a huge fan, but she did a performance straight from her tour. It seemed odd, it was boring and the outfit was ridiculous. I was expecting a lot from her and she let me down.
Drake and Lil Wayne – I could go on a whole rant about Drake and how overrated he is, but I’ll leave that for another day. He apparently tore a muscle in his leg, which was why he was sitting during his performance. How much does that suck? His first national TV performance and he has to sit on a stool? I’m just not a fan and the whole performance didn’t fit in with the rest of the night. It’ll be really interesting to see if this hype around him lasts.
The O’Jays – Usually I love the old school tributes but this year it was long and boring and I blame it on Don Cornelius who was just rambling on and on. It was kind of embarrassing. That whole section of the show just didn’t interest me.
As I was writing this, I was looking at other sites, reading comments people had about the show and most of them were negative. People didn’t like the tributes and felt the show was distasteful. I will admit that I was disappointed not to see Chris Brown or any dance tribute to Michael (something I feel has been overlooked), but the show was revamped completely in 3 days. There were technical problems and confusion but I found it to be an entertaining show. Yes, there were points that were stupid (T-Pain wearing the ‘big ass chain’, the Lil Wayne and the SoljaBoy performances) but it’s the BET Awards and I’ve been a fan from the beginning. I didn’t expect too much so I wasn’t disappointed. It was nice to see black entertainers coming together to celebrate Michael Jackson’s achievements.


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  1. lynxx

    i was dying when jamie foxx said that the ticket prices were “a little steep” so the black people didnt fait like all the white people at the concert lmaoo

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