Day26 Concert Review

Seeing Day26 in concert this Thursday really was a dream come true. My sister and I have watched Making the Band 4 from the very first episode, bought both albums on the day they were released and know all of their music. All we were waiting for was for them to come to Toronto so we could see them live. And it happened on Thursday and we were front row.

Since we got to the club so early, we found a spot right at the front. We got there at about eight thirty and the show didn’t start until eleven. It was two and a half hours of torture, standing in that one spot waiting and waiting. Finally the show started, but by then all my excitement was gone and I just wanted to get it over with. A hype man came out and started giving away free stuff and talking to the crowd. He started talking about Drake, the hometown hero, and I could care less because I am not a Drake fan. Sorry, but yeah, I’m a hater. I think it’s cool that he’s from Toronto and is representing where he’s from, but the music and the awful video that just came out shows that he’s not a good artist. But in a complete surprise to everyone, he walked out on stage and standing right beside him was Trey Songz.

Now I have to explain my new found Trey Songz obsession. I’ve always thought he was hot but I think it was the BET Awards where he did that tribute to the O’Jays with Tyrese and Johnny Gill where I was like damn, he really is fine. The day before the concert he was on 106 and performed and I kinda fell in love. Then there he was, right in front of me… I lost my damn mind. I was hoping he’d look at me, but he didn’t. It was such a moment. They didn’t perform, I don’t even remember what they said. All I remember is when they left the stage, I was shaking! IMGP0104

After two opening acts, Day26 finally took the stage after midnight. It was such a surreal moment seeing them walk out on stage and see them close up after watching them on TV for two years. But it was quickly obvious that one member was missing. Robert wasn’t there and he’s our favorite. Him not being there was the only thing keeping the night from being perfect. The boys did a 12 song set, they sang live and danced hard. The best part of being in the front row was the interaction we had with the guys. I was able to touch all of them, they looked in our eyes and sang to us. At one point I looked at Que and told him I love him and he said I love you right back. It was crazy!!! Even though we were being pushed and beat up from being at the front, it was worth it. The guys gave us so much love because they could tell that we were true fans. We knew every single word to every song. They saw how much we loved them and they showed us love right back. They ended with ‘Imma Put it On Her’ and that choreography that looks so corny on TV was so hot in real life! It was over so fast. I wouldn’t have minded if they performed all night!
We didn’t leave right away just in case they came back out and they did. My sister was able to get a picture with Que and he hugged both of us. It was crazy. Two days later, and I still can’t really believe it. I’ve had some amazing concert experiences. In 2003 I met one of Justin Timberlake’s dancers, in 2007 I met Danny Tidwell (which still was one of the best moments of my life) but this tops all of them because we’ve never been front row at a concert and never had so much interaction with the artist before. It was a night I will never forget.

Every bruise I have on my body right now is so worth it! And I know that it was a once in a lifetime experience because who knows if they’ll ever come back to Toronto, who knows if they’ll stay a group for much longer. We were so lucky to see them. Shout outs to my best friends Nikki and Jordan for coming with me when this whole thing was my idea. Concert crew for life!!


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