Twitter Nerd

I finally broke down and got a Twitter account. After months of going to different celebrities pages without having an account, I decided to get one for a week and see what it was like. The week ends on Saturday and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

A few months ago I wrote a blog about how Twitter was turning me in to a stalker. I was a little bit obsessed with some celebrities pages, and not even mainstream popular celebrities, people like blogger B Scott, Jordin Sparks, members of Day26 and Danity Kane (I’ll be a Making the Band fan for the rest of my life damn it!). I loved to read what they were doing and would check the pages a few times a day. Then on a whim I decided to create an account and see how it went.

I had this vision in my head of creating my Twitter account, writing to my favorite celebrities and telling them how much I love them. Then they would write back and we’d become Twitter friends. Yeah, it so didn’t happen like that. I created my account ( if you wanna follow me) and wrote to three different celebrities. I checked my page the next day, expecting to see them return the love, but there was nothing, of course. It was dumb of me to even think that they would reply right away. These are celebrities I’m talking about, they must get thousands of messages everyday.

I used to say that Twitter was good for celebrities, as a way for them to interact with fans and control their own press, but for regular people like me, its kind of depressing. I have about 7 followers, most of them people that I don’t know. A lot of the friends I talk to don’t have Twitter, so when I’m on there I look at other people’s pages and see how many followers they have, and all the people they’re talking to and I start to feel like a nerd, a Twitter nerd. I don’t know how to get more followers, I don’t even know If I want more followers. It’s such a confusing thing. I’m just a regular girl, why would anyone care what I’m doing?
But people care what Diddy, Oprah and Tila Tequila are doing, me not so much.

On my lonely days of summer, Twitter has become yet another way for me to wish I had things in my life that I don’t. So whether I’m going to keep or delete my account is still up in the air..
The week’s not up yet.


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