Beyonce Tour Review

What can I say about Beyonce? She’s an amazing performer, she can dance her ass off and has been in the game for over ten years. I have been a fan of her’s since Destiny’s Child days, they came out when I was eleven, but when all the drama happened with the former members my admiration for Beyonce kind of cooled off. When she came out with her solo material, I fell in love with it of course because of the dancing. But I’ve never been a hardcore Beyonce fan because she seems sort of like a robot, she keeps so much of herself hidden, sometimes it seems like she’s wearing a mask. I can respect that she wants to keep her private life private but it’s kept me from relating to her.

Besides all of that, last night was the third time my sister and I have seen her in concert. Twice with Destiny’s Child in 2001 and 2005 and then again last night. Truthfully, we didn’t really want to go. We got the tickets for free (thanks father!) and were wondering could she really do things we hadn’t seen before? Would it be fun? At the end of the show we both looked at each other and said that we were glad we went. IMGP0199

The show was at the Molson Amphitheater, a venue that I HATE because it’s outdoors, luckily it was a nice night and not raining like the last time I was there for the ‘Glow in the Dark Tour’. We missed the opening acts (I was kinda bummed about that cause I wanted to see Richgirl) and I was amazed at how diverse the crowd was. All races, men and women, gay and straight, little kids, older women, it was crazy.

She opened with ‘Crazy in Love’ and the first thing I thought as she stood there and the crowd went nuts was damn, she looks like her mama. She looked so perfect that she kinda looked like a wax figure. But as soon as she started dancing all I could do was yell ‘WORK!!!!!!’ she was killing it with the dancing as always. IMGP0202

My favorite performance of the night was ‘Get Me Bodied’ for one reason only: the dancing. I LOVE that choreography and I was doing it right along with her, I didn’t give a damn. There were some slow songs from the ‘I Am’ side of her disc that I didn’t know (but will download soon) but the highlights of the show were definitely from her Sasha Fierce side. ‘Diva’ got the audience going crazy, she did the same ‘Ego’ choreography from the video and she even did a Destiny’s Child medley that was a nice blast from the past.

During the band introductions, the jumbo tron camera pans the audience and stops at this guy in the front row. Who is it? Drake from Degrassi. Nikki and I screamed. Why does he turn up at events we go to? First Day26 and now Beyonce? Drake, stop following us! LOL. IMGP0208

The showstopper though was the final number of the night, ‘Single Ladies’ before she came out there was a montage of youtube videos of people doing the dance at home. They even showed Justin Timberlake from SNL. My Single Ladies video wasn’t shown…but that’s okay. The whole audience was dancing along with her. Everyone had their hands up, singing along.

She came out for an encore, performing ‘Halo’ and did a tribute to Michael Jackson that was SO beautiful. MJ you will be missed!!

Beyonce smashed it. She’s a great performer and a great singer cause she was definitely singing live. As much as I enjoyed it, three times is more than enough to see one artist.

Oh yeah, and as she exited the stage, she had to throw up the Roc, giving a shout out to the hubby.


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