SYTYCD Turns 100

After five seasons, my favorite summer series So You Think You Can Dance celebrated its 100th episode on Thursday by showing clips from all five years. I can honestly say that I have been a fan from day one, and have probably seen every single episode.

Before SYTYCD premiered in 2005, the only other dance show that I watched was the Wade Robson Project that aired on MTV in 2003. It was one of the first dance competition shows and was so original. It was hip hop based, with Wade challenging dancers to dance freestyle to different styles of music, battle other dancers and learn complicated choreography from music videos. Wade himself taught a routine at the end of every episode and I would get up and learn it with him, feeling so proud when I’d get the routine. A few well known dancers came out of that show like Jersey from Dancelife and of course Twitch, a fan favorite from SYTYCD season 4.

So when SYTYCD premiered in 2005, I was excited that another dance show was coming on the air. Though season one is mostly overlooked because Cat Deeley didn’t host and the rules were slightly different, I really enjoyed it. The routines, especially some of the hip hop ones, are still amazing to watch five years later. Season 2 was when the show really took off with memorable dancers and routines.

But the season that was my favorite, the season that has ruined me for all other seasons to come, the season in my eyes that will never ever be topped was season 3. That was the season where I was obsessed. I would constantly be on the message boards, reading spoilers, I taped so many routines, I cried when Sabra won and then went to the tour and met Danny. To me, season 3 had everything, dancers who excelled in every routine and had great personalities, great choreography and the first (and so far only) female winner.

When season 4 premiered last year, I didn’t even try to get attached to any dancer because I knew that it wouldn’t measure up to the year before. Looking back, season 4 was a pretty solid season. Some of the dances still blow me away like No Air and the first Bollywood dance. However, this season I have not been impressed. There hasn’t been a dance that has really made me want to tape it to watch it over and over. I actually find myself getting bored as I’m watching, which in five years has never happened. If the rumors are true that SYTYCD is coming back in the fall, I think I’m going to stop watching. I enjoy it being a summer series and with SYTYCD Canada starting next month (yes, I do watch it, only to critique it) and Dance Crew season 4 starting August 9th, I’ll have a dance overload. I never thought there’d ever be such a thing.

I wish they did more on the 100th episode instead of showing a quick montage of the best moments. They should have had all the winners come back, or do a big group dance. I have to say that it was awesome to see the stars of season 2 and Wade Robson dance the Ramalama dance though.

As a lover of dance, I’ll probably always be a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, but I don’t think it will ever grab me as it did during season 3. But the show did start the trend of dance competition shows like dance crew and Dancing with the Stars. I can’t hate on that. And it has intensified my love of dance. Even though I don’t dance anymore, it’s still something that I will always love and it will continue to inspire me.


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