ABDC Snap Judgement

So we’re two episodes in to America’s Best Dance Crew season 4 and it’s great to have the show back. I believe I’m a Dance Crew expert in a way, since I’ve watched the show from day one. It premiered in January ’08 and now it’s season 4 and these crews need to do a lot to impress me. I’m expecting to be blown away with every performance and so far, i haven’t.
Season one was the best season, it was a brand new show, crews like Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern came correct every single episode. I believe that Jabba is the only winners that people really remember. They are the only winners who are still popular. They’ve done commercials and gone on tour with New Kids on the Block.
Season two was wack. It was rushed out there, the crews were forgettable. The saving grace of season two was Fanny Pak, who were the underdogs and were originals. They should have won.
Season three, I enjoyed because there were so many familiar faces. Hok, Dominic and Ryan from So You Think You Can Dance, and pretty much all the girls in Beat Freaks who have been professional dancers for years. It was an exciting season and had one of my favorite crews, Strikers the step crew represent for that style of dance.
Which brings me to season four. After two episodes the only crews that have really made an impression on me are Rhythm City, AfroBorike and of course Vogue Evolution. More crews may grow on me as the competition goes on, but right now these are the only three where I’ve enjoyed all their performances.
I like Rhythm City because they are a strong choreography based group. The three winners of ABDC have been break dance groups and it would be awesome to see a crew that has interesting, inventive choreography without breaking tricks win.
AfroBorike, the Latin dance group, has grown on me because they are coming with a different style. They do partner dancing, something that has never been seen on the ABDC stage with a bit of African dance in there too. They probably won’t last for much longer since they were in the bottom two this week, but they are entertaining to watch.
Finally, Vogue Evolution is the crew that is making this season watchable. They are coming with something America has never seen before and breaking barriers. They are the first openly gay crew on the show and they are doing a style that was so underground. Vouging is a style of dance that originated in New York City in the gay clubs in the 80’s. I found out about it because one of my favorite dancers is a vouge dancer and after spending hours on youtube watching some of the battles, I was hooked. It really is an amazing form of dance and it’s awesome that Vogue Evolution is bringing to the world. I really hope they go all the way, but who knows if they will.
Hopefully as the season goes on, it will get more interesting. No matter what I will keep watching and rooting for my favorite crews.


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