Brandy Was my Miley Cyrus

Twitter has been a buzz for the past few days about a video that Brandy posted singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ Celebrities are tweeting that she’s an amazing vocalist and giving her props. It’s kind of brought her back in to the spotlight and made me remember how much I looked up to her when I was a teenager. She was to me what Miley Cyrus is to so many young girls right now. Brandy was a recording artist, she had her own TV show, she wore cool clothes and was a role model to me. I wanted to be her.

Brandy Norwood came out with ‘I Wanna Be Down’ in 1994, I was eight years old. I remember watching that video in awe of this beautiful young girl, with a cool hairstyle and funky clothes and I was hooked. I had the cassette tape of her first album and would listen to it non stop. I was a fan of her music. I remember copying every move she made in the ‘Sitting up in my Room’ video (that I still remember) and crying my eyes out listening to ‘Have You Ever.’ When ‘The Boy is Mine’ was released in 1997, at recess me and my friends would decide who would be Brandy and who would be Monica and sing the song. I watched the video over and over, one night I acted out the entire video in my room.

I thought Brandy was cool as a singer, but when she was Moesha that’s when I started to idolize her. Moesha premiered in 1996 and that show taught me so much about life. I wanted to be Moesha. Even though she was stuck up, kind of bitchy and selfish I didn’t care. Moesha had friends, she was smart and popular and not to mention she always had the hottest guys after her. That show taught me about life. There were ‘special’ episodes where Moesha’s brother was caught smoking weed, Moesha was slipped the date rape drug, but the one that I remember the most was the one where her step mother found birth control pills in her purse. That episode was dissected on Teen Summit and taught me so much. TV raised me. One episode that I will never forget (and I have it on tape) was when Moesha turned eighteen and all her old boyfriends came to the party. She had five guys there. I remember being like 14 and thinking man, I hope one day I’ll have that many boys. I still think that when I watch that episode.

Back in the day, Brandy could do no wrong to me. She wasn’t overly sexy. She wasn’t even allowed to show her bellybutton. I wondered if she was dating Usher or Tyrese in real life, but no one was sure. She played Cinderella, showing little black girls like me that we could be princesses. She ruled the world back then.

But then Moesha got canceled, she had a kid and lied about being married to the baby daddy, oh and there was that car accident… The songs weren’t as good, her hair was no longer on point and I grew up and found other celebrity girls to idolize.

Today, I don’t really care too much about her. The video she made did impress me because I never thought of her as an amazing vocalist. She and Ray J (who I was in LOVE with back when he was a fresh faced, innocent young kid) have fallen off and are an example of what happens when child stars grow up.

Hopefully in the future Brandy will come back with a successful new album because she obviously still has fans and people who love her.

To me, she represents the 90’s and a big part of my childhood.

Check out the video that’s causing all the buzz.


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