An Uncomfortable Night of R&B

Last night the girls and I went to see Mario and Trey Songz perform. We were excited to see the show since we’re all pretty big Trey fans and I love his new album. But the night wasn’t that great. Out of all the concerts we’ve been to, it was probably the worst one and it had nothing to do with the performances. It had to do with the crowd and being in that pit of rabid fan girls.

We stood in line outside for probably an hour and then went right inside to get a spot in front of the stage. In total we probably stood for about five hours last night. I’m pretty sure we’re all feeling it today.

I wasn’t expecting the show to start right on time, but I never thought it would take so damn long. We were running on colored people time and people were getting restless.

I’ve been to standing only shows, even at the same venue and I’ve never experienced anything that bad. We were right in the middle and had to deal with girls pushing, cussing each other out, squeezing through the crowd to get closer and standing so close to each other that I couldn’t even lift my arm to scratch my head. I kept thinking that this was not a good idea to do in flu season.

After about an hour, two opening acts came out to perform and they were wack. A bunch of Canadian rappers, rapping about Benjamin Franklin and making it rain. It was terrible and the restless crowd started booing.

Mario came on, and he honestly put on a good show. When we were talking about the show earlier, it was all about Trey. We listened to Trey on the way there and were so excited to see him, we kind of forgot all about Mario. But he was good. He connected with the crowd, sang all of his hits and sounded great. There was never any doubt that Mario could sing, but he really killed the vocals. He picked girls out of the audience and grinded on them, he looked out in the crowd and there were moments that it felt like he was looking right at me. He’s not bald anymore and he looked damn good. One thing about Mario was he was very humble. He constantly thanked the crowd and connected with us. For the maybe forty minutes he was on stage I was able to forget about the pain in my back and people pushing me and focused on the music.

It took maybe half an hour or more for Trey to come on and at this point it’s after two in the morning. The crowd started booing the host and chanting Trey’s name. I was praying he’d come out so we could leave.

When he did, yeah I screamed and cheered, but I was thinking about leaving. He started the show covered up, wearing sunglasses and as his set went on he slowly started peeling layers of clothing off. He did a twelve song set, most of the songs off his new album ‘Ready’ but it felt very short. He didn’t do some of the songs that we wanted. I went in to the show very interested to hear his vocals live. When I think of Trey Songz I don’t think of a wonderful singer, but just a pretty face. He changed my mind. That boy can sing. There’s no doubt about it. And he is a pretty face. A very pretty face. He’s gorgeous. There were moments where I’d just stare at him.

Everyone thought that his homie Drake would make an appearance, but it didn’t happen. Unlike Mario, Trey strutted around the stage with a very cocky presence. He spoke to the crowd, but it felt like it was something he says at every show. He smiled and winked at the crowd, knowing how good he looked and how he was driving the girls crazy. He said some pretty sexually explicit stuff and eventually ripped his shirt off as he sang ‘Invented Sex.’ Then he proceeded to rub the ripped shirt all over his body, kiss it, wipe his face with it and then throw it in the crowd. Then he waved and left the stage. We stood there in surprise, waiting for him to come back and do an encore. It didn’t happen. The show was over.

It was a disappointment. The actual show, the vocals, the songs, how good the guys looked, was great. But we were worn out at the end. It was too much standing and waiting around and not enough show.

I’m still a fan, but my back still hurts.


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