Best of ’09 — Music

2009 is coming to a close. It seems like it was yesterday that the world was so worried about Y2K and the year 2000 and now here we are, a few weeks away from 2010. It’s been a crazy, sad, emotional roller-coaster of a decade for me, and I’m so glad to put it all behind me. This year wasn’t bad. I have come a long way. But this post isn’t talking about me. I’m a pop culture whore so in three parts I’m gonna be talking about the best/worst in music, TV, and books. First up is music.

The way I consume music this year forever changed when I received an iTunes giftcard for my birthday (thanks Jordan!). Now, it is the ONLY way I get music. I love adding songs to my iTunes purchased playlist, I love buying albums and I have discovered brand new artists thanks to iTunes. I probably wouldn’t have downloaded as many albums and singles as I have if it wasn’t for buying stuff on iTunes.

This year I’ve moved from being a girl who loved hip hop and R&B, to loving R&B and R&B only. Hip hop has been such a disappointment (we’ll get to that later) but R&B has never let me down. My favorite album of the year, hands down, is Ready by Trey Songz. I was NOT a Trey fan until this year (and until I got a Twitter account). I bought the album because everyone was talking about it and I honestly listen to the whole thing at least once a week. It’s an album you could listen to the whole way through, it makes me dance, it makes me cry, there is a song on that album that I’ve put in to my novel! You know I love that album.

Day26, my favorite group, released an album that was so solid. I love those guys and the album was even better than their first one. Songs like ‘Truth is a Lie’, ‘So Good’ and ‘Imma Put it on Her’ will never EVER get old.
I enjoyed the Keri Hilson album, even though I don’t listen to it as much as I used to. ‘Knock You Down’ is one of the best songs of the year, if not the best.

I became a HUGE fan of Mateo, a new R&B artist. I bought his live album on iTunes and listened to it every morning when I’d have to work at 6am. The Jordin Sparks and The Dream albums were also solid.

Can’t talk about music in ’09 without talking about Michael Jackson. For all my thoughts on him, you could check out the previous post, but this year his music became popular again. Old songs like ‘Human Nature’, ‘You Rock my World’, ‘Black or White’ and my favorite ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ (check out the video, amazing!) were in heavy rotation in my iPod. He will be missed.

Pop music, something I will always love, was defined by Lady Gaga. I am a Gaga fanatic. Her album ‘The Fame Monster’ is amazing and it was definately her year. She took over the world.

The best live show I saw was the Day26 show. Not only were we front row, we got to touch all the guys and see Trey Songz and Drake close up. It was a concert experience that we will never, ever forget. We saw Lil’ Wayne and that was fun, not that great since I’m not a huge fan. Beyonce’s show was amazing, she always shuts it down. The only show that was disappointing was the Trey Songz, Mario show. But I’m grateful I got to see so many shows. Concerts are always fun.

What I didn’t like about music was the sorry state of hip hop. I think the only hip hop song that I really, really liked was ‘Empire State of Mind’ which is the anthem of my life. Wack rappers like Gucci Mane and Drake became huge superstars and why? I don’t see it. There was a time I loved hip hop, back in the late 90’s. Now it is all the same and I’m sick of it. Kanye was the only one who came with something different, and how he has been shamed by mainstream America. I’m not holding my breath that hip hop will get any better in 2010, and it’s okay because I’m not feeling it anymore.

My favorite song of the year, if looking just at plays on my iPod was ‘Birthday Sex.’ Can’t lie, that song killed it. It’s the kind of slow jam that will be played five years from now and people will still want to listen to it. I also loved ‘Pretty Wings’, in the weirdest turn of events I became a Maxwell fan. He deserves all those Grammy nominations.

The biggest scandal in music was of course Chris and Rihanna. It’s almost been a year, both of them have released albums that will be successful and seem to have moved on from the situation. But it was something that everyone was talking about. I still remember hearing that they weren’t going to be on the Grammy’s, I went online and read what happened, I could not believe it. I hope they can continue to be successful in 2010 and keep making good music.

Here’s hoping Janet and Usher will release new albums next year and come hard with that choreography!

That’s my rundown of the best/worst in music in ’09. Stay tuned for part two where I break down the best and worst in TV.


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