Writing Update

I haven’t blogged about how my novel writing is going in a while, probably because it’s a very slow process. It’s been a long time since I’ve been obsessed with a story, writing non stop, finishing a draft of a novel in three months. I don’t know if I can do that anymore! But I’m still writing, constantly, all day, and I’ll never stop. Here’s a rundown on the things I’m working on.

– A romance novel following an up and coming choreographer Serena who gets a job working for a new R&B artist named Damon. They fall in love, but of course there are people trying to pull them apart. It’s my first attempt at a traditional romance novel following all the conventions of the genre. It’s awesome, I’m real proud of it, but it’s a slow process. I have about 80 pages down. I’m still working on it.

– A novel about a young woman who falls in love with a spoken word poet who makes her realize that she’s in a bad relationship. I LOVE this story, but it’s very difficult to write. I don’t really know the characters yet or what the hell I’m going to do with the story, but what I have so far I’m in love with. This one is about 30 pages in. I’m not gonna give up on it.

– I’m revising the second part of my masterpiece novel ‘Breaking the Code’ featuring my favorite characters Rania and Rashad. Revising is fun, but difficult. This book needs a lot of work, but I’m so proud of it because I’ve watched my characters grow up and mature from the first one.

– With the same characters, I’m writing a short story about Rania, the female lead, and her high school boyfriend Charles. There’s something about their relationship that fascinates me so I’m exploring it a bit more. It’s fun to write.

– Also with the same characters I’m already starting to make notes and write some scenes for the third and final book in the series. In one way I’m so excited to get in to it because it’s going to be EPIC, but on the other hand, what I have planned for the book is a little sad and will probably make me love Rashad a little less. It will probably be the hardest book to write, but I can’t wait to start it.

– On top of all of that, I’m trying to write poetry but it’s so difficult! I’m so not a poet, but I want to try. Most of it is really dark and emo.

Even though I’m writing all this stuff, it still feels like I’m not doing anything. I want to lose myself in a novel again. I miss that feeling of staying up late, typing up a storm to keep up with the words that have to get out. I haven’t felt that in a long time and I miss it. I miss that feeling of madness. But until then, I have a lot of little projects to keep me going.


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