Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of?

Well blog fam, I am off to New York City for four days. I don’t think it’s hit me yet, but this is really a dream come true.

Since I started writing my novel that is set in NYC, I’ve wanted to go back and see where my characters go to school, walk the same streets they do and now I get to do that! Also, I’m going to see a musical (because there is no point in going to NYC and not seeing a show on Broadway!). I’ve wanted to see In the Heights as soon as I heard about it. Finding out that Corbin Bleu is playing the lead role was the push I needed to finally go and see the show. I am beyond excited!

This is also my first trip without family. I’m scared and nervous but it’s time. The last time I was away from my mom for an extended amount of time was when I was twelve and I cried the whole time. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen now! I guess I’m finally growing up.

I’ll have the full scoop on my trip when I return!!

New York, here I come!


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