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I’m back, after an unusually long hiatus. What was I doing on said hiatus? Absolutely nothing. When I write a blog post, I’m usually fired up about something, or have discovered something awesome and want to share it with people, or I’m pissed and just want to rant. But lately things have just been normal and boring. With the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) last week, I finally found something to write (and rant) about.

America’s Best Dance Crew finished its fifth season last week, naming Poreotix this season’s winner. An all male crew from California, they specialized in ticking, popping and locking and added humour to their routines. As soon as I saw them on the casting special, I knew that they’d go far. They were so similar from previous groups who have won, an all male group, who had a distinct style and a hand sign (which is a requirement now). As the season went on, I kept saying that if Poreotix won, I’d stop watching ABDC, mostly because this season had some of the best choreography based groups in a long time. ABDC usually focuses on gimmick groups like the jump ropers, or the cloggers or breakdance crews. This season there were a few crews who just did clean, hard-hitting choreography and I could appreciate that. I was rooting for Blueprint Crew. Not just because they were Canadian, but because they were a strong choreography crew.¬† I was hoping for a Blueprint/ Jungle Boogie final. But a lot of the really good crews got cut early. It was a kind of lackluster season, not as bad as season four, but not as great as seasons one or three.

This was the first time I didn’t cheer with delight when the winner was crowned. I was so disappointed. I say I’ll never watch ABDC again, but I will. I’m loyal to the show. [On a sidenote, please get rid of Omarion as a judge. I know Shane had that whole child molestation thing, but he at least knew what he was talking about and kept it real, unlike Omarion who added nothing to the show at all. JC is the only one on the panel who makes sense.] I’m definitely excited for the all-star episode that will bring back all the former winners, airing this Sunday in Canada. Any chance I can get to see Jabbawockeezz dance, I’m there.

Speaking of dance shows, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) US, is changing it up this upcoming season to air this summer. After two terrible seasons, I was done with the show. Until they announced the changes. Only ten dancers will make the show and will dance with partners from previous seasons in a specific style. It’ll be SYTYCD all stars. I love this idea so much. There were so many dancers from old seasons I’ve fallen in love with, it will be great to see them dance again. So far some of the dancers confirmed to come back (via Nigel Lythgoe’s twitter @DizzyFeet) are Twitch, Ade, Alison (from season 2), Pasha and Anya, Lauren and Dominic (season 3), Mark and Comfort (season 4) with more to be announced. So far there isn’t anyone I’m DYING to see (like Danny, Will, Sabra, or Jamile) but it’s exactly the twist the show needed to bring some new life in to it. Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

When the new season starts, I’ll vent all my love or burning frustrations right here on the blog. More regular posts to come.


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