All The Single (Black?) Ladies

Lately it seems like the media has been focusing on the daunting question: why can’t successful black women find husbands? What brought my attention to the topic (because I didn’t even know it existed) was an article and news segment that aired on ABC’s Nightline in December 2009. Entitled ‘Single, Black, Female – and Plenty of Company’, the article looked at the reasons why so many black women were unmarried compared to white women. The article states that there are 1.8 million more black women than men, many black men are in jail, don’t have their high school diploma, or are unemployed. So there aren’t enough men to go around, and many of them aren’t up to the ‘standards’ black women have for a potential mate.

All of these statistics are American, but it’s probably similar here in Canada. When I first read this article and watched the attached video segment, I actually got scared. I was wondering if I’d ever find a man, or end up like these women who have great jobs, lots of money and friends, but no husband. But as I started reading comments posted by readers, and talked to family members about it, the whole issue in itself started to bother me.

First of all, it seems like in the article and the special on Nightline that aired this week featuring an all-star panel debating the topic, places the blame on women. “Black women’s standards are too high!”, “She’s looking for a man who’s just like Denzel,”, “She’ll only date a man who has a nice car.” And the men who say this, like resident expert on all things black relationships, Steve Harvey, say that black women need to ‘lower their standards’ in order to find a good black man. My problem with that argument is its way too general. Yeah, I have standards when it comes to dating, but they’re not about money. Personality and intelligence are the most important things to me. Of course finances are important, but it’s not everything. I understand the concept of lowering standards if they’re too specific, some women seem to have long, long lists of the way their ideal man is supposed to look, to how much money he has to make. But my opinion is, when it comes to personality and attitude, I’m not lowering my standards just to say that I’m in a relationship. All of this is not taking in to consideration the standards that black men have for women (which was pointed out on the View this morning). Men have a particular type of woman they like, and may only date that kind of woman. Why isn’t anyone calling them out on that?

The counter argument to this is, why just date black men? There are so many men in the world of all different shades. Why discriminate? Black men do it all the time, and no one says anything. I know that in America, race relations are different from here in Canada. Personally, I don’t care if I see a mixed couple, it doesn’t bother me. But it’s different in the States, evident by an article Jill Scott recently wrote in Essence magazine about why seeing black men with white women “hurts” her. It’s unrealistic for black women to limit herself to only black men. Sure, it would be nice to have one, but it may not happen. As Oprah once said, the numbers just aren’t there.

My parents weren’t married when they had me, I’ve only been to one wedding in my life. Marriage doesn’t really mean anything to me, so I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal. This is 2010, women don’t need to get married to be happy anymore. No one pressures men to get married, its unfair to do that to women.

The final thing about this debate that bothers me to no end is the role of Steve Harvey. Since his bestselling book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” was released last year, he is seen as an expert in relationships, especially black relationships. I read the book and thought it was complete garbage. There were a few points I agreed with, but most of it was about giving your man sex when he needs it, cook for him, make him feel like he’s the man. It was extremely sexist to me. And now he’s everywhere, talking about what the black woman needs to do to get a man. I want to tell him to shut up! I used to be a fan of his, but I can’t stand to listen to him anymore. He seems to put the blame on the women, saying that there are so many good black men out there, just lower your standards, keep your mouth closed and make him feel like the man and you’ll get one. Sorry, Steve. It’s not going to happen.

There are a lot of issues between black men and women that are constantly being discussed and I think it’s sad that these issues are still around and are unresolved. Black love is a beautiful thing when it’s real and serious. This article and debate make it seem like it doesn’t exist. Like I said at the beginning of the post, it kind of scares me.

I think the bottom line is, there are single women of all races, most women want to find a good man and get married. Maybe it’s harder for black women but why is it such a big deal? And why does Steve Harvey have to weigh in?

Black women have to believe that they’re desirable and beautiful, because we are. They say the key to finding love is loving yourself first. We should all learn to do that and celebrate being single instead of fighting against it.

This is such a hot topic right now, leave a comment and discuss.



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3 responses to “All The Single (Black?) Ladies

  1. Lorna

    Right on Sister! We don’t have to stick to the black man and we should expand our horizons and begin to date outside our race. I know several happily married inter-racial couples. Like you, I’ve also had enough of Steve Harvey. Bye the way, didn’t his wife leave him!

  2. Kareem

    The issue of black women’s attitudes towards black men is something that should be disscussed. there is obviously a problem within the dynamic of the black relationship. many black children do not grow up with a full time father. this does not allow boys to see how a man treats a woman, or allow girls to see how a woman treats a man.

    i know its 2010 and a lot of women have the mentality that they dont need a man, and if you dont need one, good for you. but i dont care what year it is, we are still human and need our other half. for women to get a good, decent man, of any race, follow steves advice.

    i feel that if a man treats his woman good then a woman should not complain about being submissive. if a female is too proud to treat a good man like its the 1800’s, then enjoy complaining to your friends about not having a good man.

  3. Chris

    I read that Essence issue with Jill Scott and in my honest opinion, if an interracial couple “hurts” her then she has way too much time on her hands. Her own marriage broke up because she was more successful than her Black husband. Then she met and fell in love and got pregnant by another Black man. He ended up leaving her, too. That’s a part of the problem right there. Steve Harvey has an audience of narrow minded people like him who feel that women, especially Black women, should submit. He is not a relationship guru by anyone’s standards (since he has a history of cheating and deceiving) so he should be ignored as well. I honestly feel that Black women shoot themselves in the foot by complaining about the lack of Black men. Why stay within your race? I got my teeth kicked in plenty of times (not physically, just emotionally) because I thought I had to be with a Black man. It’s okay for a Black man to do what he wants to do but a Black woman is wrong to call him on it. In order fora Black woman to be worthy of a Black man, she must submit? Oh please. I went with who treated me right and I’ve been happy ever since. And yes, he is not Black.

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