It’s June, which means that summer 2010 has arrived. I’m not a big fan of  summer. I prefer fall/winter, mostly because I can stay in the house and write without people bugging me to go outside and enjoy the weather. I don’t have to wear short sleeves or shorts, I can wear layers and layers of clothes and be applauded for it. I’m not an outdoorsy type person. Probably because I’m a writer.

One thing that I do enjoy about the summer is the media. The summer shows, movies and music that make the long, hot days bearable. Here’s the summer media that I’m looking forward to.

True Blood season 3 (Premieres June 14 on HBO) – As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I’m a huge fan of True Blood because I’m a fan of the Charlaine Harris novels. I’ve read all ten of them, and I’m super excited for this third season because the third book was my favorite one. Judging from the previews, this season looks like it will be really good. A bunch of new characters will be introduced like werewolf Aicide (a character that I love!), his bad ass girlfriend Debbie Pelt and werepanther Crystal Norris. At the same time, a bunch of new characters that aren’t in the books will be introduced like a boyfriend for Lafayette and Sam’s parents. True Blood has always been good with mixing in elements from the books and original stories. I’m a book purist though. I’d like to see it play out exactly like the book, but I’m so excited to lose myself in the series again.

SYTYCD – I’ve posted about this too, but now the season has begun with the audition episodes continuing this week. Even though I’m down with the changes, and I kind of like some of the all stars that are returning, I’m not that in to it. This is season seven, I’ve been watching since season one, episode one. Maybe it’s just the audition episodes that bore me. I might skip them and then tune in for Vegas week, which is always my favorite. I love watching the dancers take all the different classes and struggle with the choreography. I will definately keep blogging about the show this season.

Step Up 3D (August 3rd) – Okay, so the trailer kind of sucks. But I will be there opening night, with my 3D glasses on over my prescription glasses, ready to see some kick ass dancing. It looks like the same recycled plot, white boy and girl discover “street” dancing with their ethnic friends and compete in a battle to earn respect. The thing with these Step Up movies is I don’t go for the acting. It’s all about the dancing. Moose from the second movie is returning, Twitch from SYTYCD and Harry Shum Jr who plays Mike Chang on Glee are dancers. I love a good dance movie, so I’m looking forward to this.

BET Awards (airing June 27th on BET) – I can’t help it, I enjoy the BET Awards. This is the 10th anniversary of the show and I am not ashamed to say that I have seen every, single show. I have not missed one moment. I have clips on VHS tapes to prove it. Queen Latifah is hosting this year, no performers have been announced yet. Justin Bieber is nominated for best new artist, if he performs, I may not watch it. The last few years, the show has been lackluster. Last year with Michael Jackson’s death, the show seemed sloppy. Hopefully for it’s 10th year, the show will go back to being the classy affair it was back in 2005 when Will and Jada hosted. I think that was the best year.

So that’s what I’m looking forward to this summer. I have no plans, no exciting places to go to, no wild nights out or anything like that. I work, write, read and sleep. Media is my entertainment. Hopefully it doesn’t let me down.


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