Glee Love / Glee Hate

Glee ended its first season after becoming a pop culture phenomenon when it premiered last year. First of all, let me be clear when I say that I’m a Gleek. There have been moments on this show that have had me sobbing, but now that the season is over and I can look at it as a whole, there were things I loved and things I hated.

I got on board from the pilot episode because I love musicals. Watching the first episode I saw a lot of High School Musical and I decided that I was going to stick with the show for the rest of the season. I did, but as time went on I became less and less of a Gleek. The first few episodes were great, and then it took that months long break. My enthusiasm for the show all but disappeared while it was gone. I watched the cast on Oprah and read all the spoilers but I wasn’t excited. The remaining nine episodes were a mixed bag. Some were awesome, some not so much. Here’s what I love and hate about this unique show.

What I love:

The musicGlee is a musical before anything else and for that I will continue to watch it. There have been some amazing musical numbers, my favorites being the obvious ‘Don’t Stop Believin” and ‘Somebody to  Love’ but I also liked the less popular ones like ‘Hello’ and ‘Like a Virgin.’ It has introduced me to songs that I’ve never heard before, like ‘Run Joey Run’, watching that performance I was wondering if that was a real song or if they wrote it specifically for the show. Sometimes the songs don’t fit in with the story lines, or can go on for a bit too long (‘One Less Bell to Answer’, anyone?) but the music is the heart and soul of the show and is the main reason I tune in.

The message – Stripped down, this is a show about a bunch of high school misfits who join together and find strength in each other. What other show has a character in a wheelchair? It’s great to see that and the diversity in the main cast (even though Mercedes is a stereotype, but whatever). It’s a good message to give hope to all the kids who feel like outsiders.

Sue Sylvester – She’s evil and strange, but she has some of the best lines in the show and is played very well by Jane Lynch. She’s one of the most memorable and exciting characters on the show.

Puck – Besides the music, he is one of the main reasons I watch this show. Beautiful.

What I hate:

The characters – It’s a very broad statement, so let me explain. There aren’t any characters on this show that I feel connected to. I don’t care what happens to any of them. A lot of them annoy the hell out of me actually. Especially Finn and Kurt. Finn because he’s dumb and stupid and Kurt for a whole lot of reasons. Kurt’s storyline is an important one to tell and they did a good job in portraying it, but it’s the actor who plays him that annoys me. I think it’s the lisp.

The Plot – Plot lines and character development are not two of Glee‘s strong points. It seems like every episode is about Sue Sylvester trying to get rid of the Glee club, or Rachel has some problem or the club has to band together to overcome something. With all the guest stars, it gets more and more ridiculous. When I watch the show, I’m just waiting for them to start singing.

It’s just been announced that Charice, the singer from the Philipines who was discovered on Oprah, will be joining the cast next season as an exchange student. There are rumors that Justin Timberlake will guest star as Mr. Schuster’s brother, and Susan Boyle may guest star. A nationwide search is going on for new cast members. Glee is here to stay for a while, but the question is what direction it will take. It could become more plot based and make more sense, or be campy, full of guest stars and plot lines that make no sense. (probably my favorite entertainment site) had a few suggestions for what Glee could do next season to make it better.

I’m not holding my breath that it will get any better, but I will keep watching because I love musicals.


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