One Year of Blogging

Today is the one year anniversary of this little blog. My very first post was a recap of the 2009 BET Awards. From there, I’ve covered everything from my writing habits and obsessions, my thoughts about dance and dance reality shows, my take on pop culture stories of the day and celebrity stories. It’s been such a fun ride.

Having this blog has forced me to write something other than novels and short stories every few weeks. It’s great to get feedback and comments (even when people disagree with me). I appreciate every single person who took time out to read a post on this blog.

Here’s a few of my favorite posts from the past year.

My Day26 concert review post is still the most viewed post ever. That was a night I will never forget.

Twisted Mind of a Fiction Writer was brilliant. Summed up the strange, obsessed writer part of me.

An Open Letter to Dance was one of the most personal posts.

The post on Single (Black) Ladies generated a lot of good discussion. Some of it I didn’t agree with, but there was a nice debate going.

One of my strongest media pieces was the one on Saved by the Bell. I could write about 90’s TV and it’s affect on me for days.

After Michael Jackson‘s death last year I wrote a little tribute to him. And I also did one on Brandy, who had a huge impact on me growing up.

Finally, there’s the three part series about my epic trip to New York City. That was the time of my life and I get to relive it every time I read those posts.

Hopefully there will be more to come. More adventures to have, more shows to watch, more reality shows to bitch about, more novels to write and more characters to fall in love with.

Thanks for rocking with me for this long.


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