My Thoughts on SYTYCD

Now that So You Think You Can Dance is ending this week, I decided to do a quick blog post on my thoughts on this season.

I was super excited for this season because of the changes, with the all-stars, no top twenty, no Mary Murphy, I was sure it would be the best season since season three, my favorite season. It’s been good, better than the disastrous fall season last year, but it’s not amazing like I thought it would be.

On the positive side, I actually like most of the contestants. I love Robert, I think he’s a great dancer and he’s pretty hot. AdeChike is okay too. It’s always good to watch the show and have dancers to root for. Some routines this season have been amazing. Mia’s Alice in Wonderland inspired group piece last week was great. Two hip hop routines by NapTab, the one with Alex and Twitch and AdeChike and Comfort were both well choreographed and danced. It’s not really a huge surprise who is going to win (if it’s not Kent, then I’ll be shocked) but the dancing has been pretty good this season.

Negatively, there have been a lot of injuries. Alex and Ashley were eliminated due to injuries and Billy had to sit out a performance show because he hurt his knee. Never before on SYTYCD have there been so many injuries. Losing Alex was a big blow to the show since he was a fan favorite. There has also been inconsistent judging. Jose the b-boy who was just eliminated this week should have been eliminated a long time ago. The judges overly praised him, trying to create the story of the b-boy who could do other styles like Ivan or Dominic. The truth was Jose wasn’t that great and the audience could see right through the judges praise. Stuff like that makes the show lose its credibility.

As for the whole all-stars thing, I think it’s both good and bad. It’s good because I’m reminded why these dancers are called all-stars. Watching dancers like Alison again has been so awesome. But it’s also distracting. I find that I watch the all-stars more than the actual contestants. Especially in genres like ballroom. It will be interesting to see if they keep the all-stars format next year.

So now its down the final four, Robert, Kent, Lauren and AdeChike. The winner will be chosen this week. Hopefully the final dances are good and fun to watch. Kent will win and then its on to SYTYCD Canada that starts in mid August. Yay!


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