MTV VMA 2010 Review

The MTV Video Music Awards aired on Sunday night, featuring performances by Eminem, Justin Bieber, Drake, Usher and Kanye West. Leading up to the show, I wasn’t excited at all, which is a first for me because in my teen years I used to live for the VMA’s. I’d count down the days. Even last year, I was excited because of the Michael Jackson tribute and performances by Beyonce and Gaga. But this year, I didn’t have high expectations, and I’m glad I didn’t because I would have been thoroughly disappointed.

Before I get to the main show, I must talk about the pre show performance by Nicki Minaj. Everyone was talking about it, hyping it up, it was her first live solo televised performance. But it was terrible. It seemed like she was lip syncing, the outfit was weird, Will i am was in black face! Just weird and uncomfortable to watch. And I felt kind of bad that I hated it because I like Nicki, I think she’s a pretty good artist, but that performance gave the haters something to hate on. It proved that she isn’t a polished live performer and it made her look like the manufactured, no talent artist that some people think she is. She’s going to have to pick it up.

On to the main show, Eminem opened the show with a performance of “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way you Lie” with a surprise appearance with Rihanna, who was wearing what looked like a wedding dress. Eminem looked old and wrinkly, Rihanna’s vocals were shaky, but it was a nice way to open the show.

Host Chelsea Handler was the first female to host the VMA’s in sixteen years. It’s pretty safe to say she bombed. With her weak jokes and jabs at black men, it didn’t go over too well with me or people on my Twitter time line.

Usher’s performance was the one I was looking forward to the most. From reading reports from rehearsals, it sounded like he was going to dance hard. I was expecting greatness and I was slightly let down. My first reaction was that it was bad, but watching it a few more times, I do have to give Usher props. He danced really hard (not as hard as he used to) and had a live mic. That is not easy. Though the performance was okay, I miss the old Usher. The Usher that could glide effortlessly across the floor and do complicated steps without looking tired. I think that artist I long for is gone. You could see the strain on Usher’s face, hear him heavily breathing in his mic and the movements weren’t even that complicated. It wasn’t like the steps he’d do during “Yeah” in the Confessions days. But I have to give Usher props for having the only dance performance of the night and doing a good job.

Then there was of course the Taylor Swift/Kanye West showdown in song over last year’s “Imma let you finish” gate. Taylor Swift debuted a new song called “Innocent” where she sang lyrics calling Kanye innocent and that she basically forgave him. It was all crap to me. I think the whole situation was blown out of proportion. It was a year ago, get over it.

Meanwhile, Kanye shut the whole show down. I stayed up just to see his performance and it was the best of the night. Beautifully simplistic with a white stage, three ballerinas and Kanye in a bright red suit, he sang a brand new song “Runaway”. Giving a toast to the douchebags, scumbags and assholes, Kanye proved why he’s one of the most innovative and exciting artists in music right now. That performance made the whole show worth it.

The speed I’ve even posted this blog shows how lackluster the VMA’s were this year. I guess I have to get it through my head that the VMA’s of my youth are gone. No more choreography heavy performances by pop artists like *NSYNC, Britney and Janet. No more moments that will be remembered. No more watching the show over and over.

The one thing that made the night fun was Twitter. I honestly haven’t had that much fun on Twitter since I got my account. It seemed like everyone on my time line was watching the show and making so many jokes. It felt like I was watching the show with a room full of friends when really I was alone in my basement.

I’m starting to get sick of these award shows…


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