World of Jenks

I have a new favorite show and it’s called World of Jenks.  Four episodes in and this show has already captivated me. It airs on MTV, which nowadays is known for mindless reality shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and the Real World. But recently, MTV has been trying to change their image and put on shows that actually mean something. If You Really Knew Me is a great show about breaking down cliques in high school and World of Jenks is about real people dealing with real issues.

Andrew Jenks is a 24-year-old filmmaker who stars in the show. He lives with a different person each week and tells their stories. In the first episode, he lives with rapper Maino to see what it’s like to be a rapper. It was a fascinating episode, especially when Maino attacked Jenks, choking and hitting him in the face. The next three episodes focus on an Autistic man, a homeless woman and a mixed martial arts fighter. What’s so great about the show is you have a preconceived notion about these people based on the things they do or the conditions they live in, but Jenks is able to show you the person behind the label and the real issues they deal with.

What I find the most fascinating about the show is watching Jenks himself. He’s able to blend in to the background, making the stories not about him, but the people he’s profiling. He asks the right questions and is able to get emotional, revealing remarks from his subjects. Even when someone is breaking down crying in front of him, he seems to always know the right thing to say. The fact that I think he’s cute is a bonus.

Check out the show if you haven’t already and catch up on episodes online. It will make you look at people in a different way.


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