Random Updates

Yes, I’m back from my emo writing post. I had to get my confidence back. It hasn’t fully returned, but I’m writing again, maybe because I know that no one will see it and tell me it sucks. There’s something comforting about writing for yourself and knowing that no one else will see it. It’s the way I’ve always written and will probably be the way I continue to write.

I also haven’t updated the blog because I’ve been preoccupied with my desktop computer crashing. The hard drive that had six years worth of music on it died on us suddenly. So it became my mission to get the computer back up and running and to rebuild my iPod library. It consumed my life. I was on the phone with Dell computers, my internet company and my aunt and uncle trying to get everything to work again. I even took our old hard drive in to an electronics store to try to get my music recovered. Sadly, it didn’t work. Now the computer is running and I had to use a program that copied all my music and content from my iPod back on to my computer. So, my iPod library is back to normal and I can add songs just like I used to. It just took about three weeks of hell to get it working.

Speaking of music, I’ve been listening to some great stuff lately. First is the album “All I Want is You” by Miguel, who’s single of the same name featuring J Cole (more on him later) was in heavy rotation on my iPod. Some people on Twitter were saying how good his album was so I decided to buy it on iTunes and I haven’t stopped listening to it. In the days when R&B has become so watered down and pop, this album is pure R&B, with every track being memorable. I’ve also been jamming to El Debarge. I know, I swear I’m not in my 40’s. The new single off his brand new album is called “Lay With You” and features Faith Evans. I freakin’ love it. It’s got that old school vibe, but it’s so catchy and I can’t help but dance when I listen to it. It makes me happy, so I listen to it a lot. On the hip hop tip, I’ve fallen in love with J Cole. Not only is he hot, but he’s a talented rapper. I downloaded his mixtape, “Friday Night Lights” because I thought he was cute, but the music has totally grown on me. The stand out track is “In the Morning” featuring Drake. I’m not Drake’s biggest fan, but this song is one of my favorites right now.

The holidays are coming up, and as usual I’m not that excited. But it’s always nice to hang out with family and eat some good food.

I’ll try to post more frequently, that is if I don’t have any more computer problems.


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