Breezy Can Dance

Chris Brown has been in the news a lot recently, and not for positive things. Last week he got in a Twitter fight with former B2K member Raz B and homophobic slurs were used. He apologized, but the damage was done. The mainstream media pounced on the story, using it as more proof that Chris Brown is a horrible person and he’ll never change.

I took to my Twitter in a sort of “Leave Chris Alone!” rant, and had to debate people on whether or not he deserves forgiveness. Being a huge Chris Brown fan can be hard sometimes because a lot of people don’t understand. I find that there are times I don’t even understand my infatuation with him. But last night, I was reminded.

Chris has been posting mini webisodes on his site and last night he posted “Breezy Art – Dance.” After watching it, I can honestly say I’ve never been more in love with him than I am right now.

To me, Chris Brown is dance. It’s why I noticed him when he came out with “Run It” five years ago, and the reason why I’ve been rooting for him for this long. I feel like I’ve watched him grow as a dancer over the years and he’s only gotten better. His talent astounds me.

In the video, Chris talks about his love of dance and what it means to him. He says that he’s going to dance, no matter what anyone says. And to the guys who say that a real man doesn’t dance, he believes they say that because they can’t dance. All I could say was PREACH! It is absolutely beautiful to me to hear him say stuff like that. The video had numerous shots of him freestyling, doing choreography in shows and showcasing his dancers. True dance artists like Janet Jackson and Beyonce are not afraid to have strong dancers dancing with them, and Chris is the same way. Today, the dance artist has sort of disappeared, and Chris may be one of the few left. He has ruined the Dougie for the world. No one can do it now and not be compared to him (that goes for you especially, Justin Bieber).  It’s so obvious on his face that dancing brings him joy and it’s inspiring.

Say what you want about him and the choices he’s made in his life, but I dare you to watch that video and not be inspired.

He’s not my role model, he’ll never be my boyfriend, he’s a human being who’s job it is to entertain. In my eyes, he’s doing a hell of a job.

My favorite quote from the video, and the words I will now live by, are simple, yet profound.

“I do me – I dance.”


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  1. N

    Well…all I can say is I liked Chris Brown before you! But anyways, the dance video he made was a great way to inspire dancers and enlighten others about the power and beauty of dance. I also liked his quote “I do me – I dance” because it was a simple way to capture the essence of the entire short movie. From reading your blog, I can tell you are in love with Chris, now all we gotta do is wait for him to come to Toronto!

    Nice blog Mand,

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