What I’m Listening To

It’s Tuesday, so here’s a brand new blog post about the music that I can’t stop listening to. I don’t usually write about music, unless it involves discussing the choreography, since I find writing about music difficult. I can’t really put in to words how much I love a song, or how it makes me feel, or how sick the beat is, I’m not that kind of writer. But recently, there have been a few artists and albums that I cannot stop playing, and I thought I’d share. Good music is hard to come by these days, with all the techno/dance crap on the radio and hip hop becoming so boring and unimaginative, I figure a few recommendations won’t hurt.

Miguel – “All I Want Is You” — I mentioned Miguel in my 2010 post, saying how I thought his debut single “All I Want Is You” was one of my favourite songs of the year. I bought the album on a whim after reading great things about it on some blogs and Twitter. Best decision I could make. The album is incredible. It’s real R&B which has become rare these days. Miguel has a beautiful voice, and the songs switch to slow ballads like “Vixen” to uptempo dance tracks like “Pay Me.” However, the stand out track, and my favourite song right now, is the next single “Sure Thing.” Every time I listen to it, I love it more. It is perfection. If you’re a fan of R&B, check out the album.

Diddy-Dirty Money – “Last Train to Paris” —¬† Diddy has made sure that everyone on the planet has heard about this album. I watched him in the studio on the short-lived MTV show “Making His Band” and liked some of the early singles they released, but wasn’t planning on getting the album. Again, because of positive buzz on Twitter, I decided to get it. Now it’s one of my favourite albums. The rapping from Diddy is weak, but he makes up for it by having amazing guest stars, sick beats and two talented singers, Dawn from Danity Kane (who I adore) and Kaleena. The album is mostly full of dance/hip hop tracks like the banging single, “Ass On The Floor” and “Hello Goodmorning.” My absolute favourite song is “Yesterday” and it features the love of my life Chris Brown. I think it’s the most mature he’s ever sounded on a song. Though it’s overhyped, “Last Train To Paris” is definitely worth a listen.

B.o.B – The Adventures of Bobby Ray — My sister had been playing this album for a while and just last weekend I decided to put it on my iPod and I fell in love. B.o.B is unlike any other rapper out right now. He doesn’t demean women in his lyrics, he actually lifts them up in tracks like “Nothin’ On You“, he raps and sings and plays guitar. His songs are actually about something. He’s had great success in the pop world, but the hip hop community hasn’t really seemed to embrace him. I’ve never seen one of his videos on BET. No matter what though, he’s here to stay.

J. Cole – I have a major crush on J. Cole. I haven’t had a crush on a rapper like this since I was sixteen and in love with Nelly. But besides how cute he is, this brotha can rap, he’s smart and he has something to say. I’m not a huge hip hop fan anymore, but I have both J.Cole mixtapes on my iPod, and I listen to them a lot. Hopefully his album will drop sometime this year and he’ll get the mainstream love he deserves because songs like “In The Morning” and “Who Dat” should be heard.

If I have my iPod in, most likely I’m listening to one of those four artists. If you have any music recommendations, leave them in the comments!


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