Grammy Post

The Grammys aired on Sunday, and I was all excited. I had my laptop with me, logged in to Twitter, preparing to have another night like last summer when the MTV VMA’s were on, when Twitter was on fire and I laughed the whole night. It was not the case this Sunday because the Grammy’s were wack.

It started off with a tribute to Aretha Franklin, which in my opinion was a terrible way to start the show because it was boring. I wanted to change the channel five minutes in. The performances I were looking forward to the most turned out to be disappointments. Lady Gaga performed her brand new single “Born This Way” for the first time. I am not feeling the song at all, and thought that my feelings would change after seeing the movement (which happens to me a lot) but it was so wack. The dancing was complicated and uninspired. I love Gaga’s choreographer, but she did not do as well as I thought she would. Even Gaga herself was struggling to keep up with the choreography. Major fail. Another fail (even though I didn’t expect it to be that great in the first place) was Bieber and Usher. The only thing I was looking forward to was the dancing, and there was barely any dancing, just ninjas jumping around. I’m so sick of Usher performing ‘OMG’ like a 50 year old man. The best part was when Jaden Smith came out to rap and his parents beamed from the audience. That was pretty awesome. I’ve already bashed the show enough so I will remain silent on Rihanna’s two performances.

But the show wasn’t all bad. Best performance of the night, hands down, was b.o.b, Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae. The three of them are rising stars and proved to be super talented. All of them sang live and played instruments. It gave me hope for the future of music because they are going to have long, successful careers.

The biggest controversy of the night was Esperanza Spalding winning Best New Artist over Bieber and Drake. I’m not completely familiar with her music, but I did know who she is. I remembered her from the BET Awards last year during the tribute to Prince and I thought she killed it. I’m glad she won, and now everyone knows her name. On the real, Bieber did not deserve that Grammy.

After last night I don’t think I’ll get excited for another Grammy awards. They never prove to be really good.

Before I wrap up this post, I must mention that Chris Brown absolutely smashed his Saturday Night Live performance. He was nervous, his fans were anxious and the haters were hoping he’d fail, but he didn’t. He danced so hard, probably harder than I’ve ever seen him dance and it was absolutely beautiful. Then he sang “No Bullshit” so well, and it reminded everyone that he can sing too. It was great to see him back on national TV, doing what he does best.

The Grammys probably would have been better if he was there.


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