They Don’t Dance…Anymore

In the past two weeks, I was super excited to see the brand new videos from Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Both of them are artists that are in heavy rotation in my iPod and have made videos with dance moves that I can still do to this day. They both released dance singles and I was excited to see some new choreography from two of the best female dancers. Except neither of them danced in their videos.

Well, Britney tried to dance, and failed miserably. Britney’s video probably disappointed me the most because she tried and it’s obvious that she can’t dance anymore. Leading up to the premiere of the video, her longtime choreographer Brian Friedman, said that audiences would see the old Britney, 1999 Britney, dancing hard in this video. That’s what made me so excited, because Brian Friedman has been with her since “Slave” days, the days she was in her prime and I couldn’t wait to see it. There was a special on one of these Canadian music channels where they counted down to the videos release by playing all of Britney’s old videos. I think that’s what made it even more pathetic. She used to kill everybody back in the day. She attacked her movement. She could make the simplest move look sharp and complicated. Then she premiered “Hold It Against Me” and all of that was gone. In the few shots we did get to see her dance, she looked uncomfortable, confused, and just not in to it. I had to come to the heartbreaking conclusion that my beloved Britney Spears, who I’ve watched since she was ten on the Mickey Mouse Club, can’t dance anymore. I was crushed and angry. She’s not even 30! Look at Janet and Madonna, in their 40’s and 50’s, still dancing hard like they did when they were younger, while it seems like Britney’s just given up.

On to JLO. I freakin’ love her single, “On The Floor“, it’s a great dance song, the kind of song that I cannot sit still listening to, believe me, I’ve tried. Every time I listened to it I said to myself “She better dance in this video or I’m gonna be pissed!” The video premiered on Thursday on Idol and I almost set my VCR to tape it like I was a teenager again. Good thing I didn’t. The difference between JLO’s video and Britney’s was JLO did dance, but not how I wanted her to dance. She did a whole lot of freestyle movement, but no big dance number with a bunch of dancers behind her. That’s what I wanted. That’s what she used to do. JLO has made some of the best dance videos, videos that I would rewind over and over to learn the moves. I wonder why she didn’t want to do a big dance number… maybe she just didn’t want to do it, or maybe big dance numbers aren’t cool anymore.

Yeah, I’m twenty-five, but I can’t remember the last time I was excited to learn some moves from a music video. It’s fun. It makes me feel like a kid again, but there are no moves to learn. When is Beyonce coming back?


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  1. Tiachelle

    After seeing Jlo’s new video, and then her commercial for that car company, i was like “Omg, i have to hit google and see if anyone else thinks she can’t dance anymore!”…and i found this!!! LOL

    I think it’s sad to be honest……..
    The dance part in the “I’m into you” video, which sounds SO out of place/weird, is painful as hell to watch for me since it looks so lax and boring.
    How can you go from being one of the best dancers in the industry, to sucking hadcore!
    You’ve got broads like Lady Gaga out dancing Jlo now! WTF!

    And britney, meh……
    I never thought her dancing was anything too special…..because i know it was all heavy choreography.
    Where as people like JLO, and Beyonce, i think dance from their hearts and souls…….not just from their minds/aka, choreographers.
    But i have noticed a HUGEEEEEE decline in her ability to keep the choreography good. And she DOES look pretty uncomfortable when she’s dancing…..which is painful to watch.

    But i still say Femme Fatal is the BEST dance album of 2011 so far!!!!!
    It’s amazing! And i was NEVER a huge fan of her old stuff….=P

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