RIP All My Children

When it was announced this week that the long running soap opera All My Children was being cancelled, my heart broke. Like so many people, I grew up watching that show. During high school, I was obsessed with it, so to find out it was cancelled, even though I haven’t watched it in years, was very sad. It’s the end of an era.

I was introduced to All My Children by my grandparents who were soap opera addicts. Every single day they had a routine, the afternoon was all about soaps. All My Children at one, As The World Turns (or Passions when I was over) at two, Guiding Light at three, and of course Young and the Restless at four. I somewhat knew what was happening on every soap, but there was something about All My Children that captivated me. Maybe it was Erica Kane and all the trouble she got in to, or Haley and Mateo and their constant love affair (Kelly Ripa and her husband). But when I was about fourteen, I got hooked, and along with my Grandma, became an All My Children fan.

It got pretty bad. I’d go online and read the spoilers and go on the message boards. I’d buy the Soaps in Depth magazines if cast members were on the cover. I made a collage of all the characters and put it in my agenda. I’d tape the show every single day and watch it as soon as I got home from school. But the weirdest thing that I did during my AMC years was write myself in to the show. Yes, that’s right. I wrote myself in to the show. When I watched it from 2001 to around 2004, there were hardly any black characters on the show except for police chief Derek Frye. From researching the internet, I found that his character had a daughter. So I started writing scripts, actual scripts, of the daughter coming back to Pine Valley and causing drama in her dad’s life. At the time I thought it was brilliant. I would write it in class or at home when I should have been doing my homework. It consumed me. The funny thing was a few years after I stopped doing it, the show really brought Derek Frye’s daughter on to the show. My character was cooler though.

Soaps have been in decline for the past few years. All of the soaps my grandparents watched, with the exception of Y&R, are cancelled. All My Children was something my Grandma and I shared. We talked about it all the time, watched it together and laughed at the stupid story lines and tried to figure out what was going to happen next. When she was sick, from her hospital bed she’d ask me what was happening on the show. For a long time after she passed away, when I’d flip on AMC, I’d think of her. The show still makes me think of her, and now it’s over. It really breaks my heart.

I have so many great memories from All My Children. It brought me a lot of happiness and it will definitely be missed.


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