America’s Best Dance Crew Episode 2 Recap

Five more crews were introduced on the second episode of America’s Best Dance Crew. After last week’s premiere, that showcased some pretty amazing crews, I was expecting this episode to be great. It wasn’t. The opening number wasn’t that great, and the crews failed to impress me. I still have hope that this season will be a good one though. Let’s break down the five crews that danced.

First up was Footworkingz, a crew representing Chicago and their fast footwork style. It’s another crew that has one female member who feels like she has to be better than the guys in order to stand out. The judges liked them, D-Trix let out a scream, but I wasn’t that impressed. I thought their routine was good, I can appreciate fast footwork, at some points it even looked like tap, but I think it can get old quick.

787 Crew is representing Puerto Rico, but had a tragedy when one of their members broke his leg during rehearsal and can’t dance with them for the season. They had to change around their whole routine. Again, there wasn’t really anything special about this crew. They had a lot of breaking, flips and stunts, and pretty clean choreography, but I wasn’t blown away.

The youngest crew ever to compete on ABDC, Iconic Boyz, were up next. Italian boys from New Jersey, of course there were shots of them eating pasta and the obvious Jersey Shore reference. Their mentor is Geo, who competed season one with his crew Iconic. All of them are good dancers, but they can only rely on the cute little boys who can dance angle for so long. I don’t think they’re going to last long in the competition.

The very first pole dancing crew, Jag6ed, performed and it was pretty terrible. Terrible on the dancing tip, but pretty cool to watch from an athletic, gymnast view. They had very limited hip hop dancing skills and that annoyed me.

Finally was the breaking crew, Instant Noodles, from Taiwan. Just looking at them, I thought oh, those guys are going to win. Besides season four winners We Are Heroes, previous winners have all been predominately Asian, male, b-boy crews. But this crew might have to work a bit harder if they want to win because they did not get off to a great start. One of their members suffered an injury and had to sit out. I found their routine to be boring and not have very much choreography, just b-boy moves. D-Trix slammed it completely, saying that it was predictable and he hated it. I could appreciate what he was saying because he’s a b-boy, so he’s going to judge the b-boy crew harder since he knows what to look for. I think Instant Noodles will have a huge fan base and will probably stick around for a while, but I don’t think they will win.

That was episode two, now we’ve met all eight crews that will compete next week for the title. I like this season so far, but the only thing that’s starting to grind my gears is the music. I know this is the “Season of the Superstars” and every week is an artist week, but these artist they’re choosing are not artists these crews would normally dance to. I mean, Kesha? Bieber? Katy Perry? These are hip hop dance crews! In previous seasons, only one episode would be devoted to one artist and that artist was always a dance artist. There have been Michael and Janet Jackson night, Usher, Beyonce, Britney, Missy Elliott and Lady Gaga nights. These are artists who have made dance videos and have danced themselves. Now it’s just pop mess. I’ve discovered a lot of new music too cause of ABDC and won’t get to this season because the music selection is so limited.

Next week is Black Eyed Peas week… should be interesting.


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