DC Adventure

Last year I had the time of my life in New York City, and this year I got to experience another famous American city, and had an even greater time. At first I wasn’t sure exactly what there was to do in Washington DC besides see the White House, but it turned out that there was so much to do and see. Now I’m trying to figure out which city I loved more, NYC or DC.

After an uncomfortable twelve-hour bus ride, we arrived in DC early Friday morning. It was pouring rain, but our first stop was the White House. I have to admit that it didn’t look as big or grand as it does on TV, but it was pretty surreal to be there, knowing that Obama, Michelle and their daughters could possibly be inside. We would have seen more sights but the rain was coming down hard so we did a bit of shopping and then started searching for food. We ended up at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a popular burger place in DC where Obama and Bill Cosby have visited. The line was snaked all through the store, but it was definitely worth the wait. The food was great (it was my very first chili burger!) and the atmosphere was so American. R&B music was playing through an old school jukebox, people were singing along, having a good time. It was a pretty cool experience.

The next day we were up early, visiting the Washington Monument, the World War II memorial, and a few museums. That day we walked for eight hours straight and there were still sites we didn’t get to see. The weather was beautiful and there were so many people out sightseeing. We also took a walk around Howard University, which was something I really wanted to see. For a Canadian girl, it was so cool to see students walking around in their fraternity and sorority jackets, and to be on such a historic campus. Everything about Howard fascinated me.

On our last day we walked around Georgetown. It was a super hot day, the sidewalks were packed and I loved it. It was definitely a rich area, with expensive, high-class stores. I even saw the cupcake store featured on the TLC show “DC Cupcakes.” Didn’t even try to go in there since the line up went all the way down the street. We had a great dinner that night, and enjoyed the last night.

Of course, there was a lot of partying. I think that was the best part. Also, we met some great people. I’d heard that the people in DC were super nice, and I saw that first hand. The morning we left, I was in Starbucks with all my luggage and spilled all the change out of my wallet. Three strangers picked it up for me. That was that DC hospitality we experienced the whole time we were there.

I would go back for sure. Our days were so jam-packed we didn’t even get to see the Lincoln Memorial. I loved the culture and vibe of DC, it felt like I fit right in. I get along so well with Americans.

I had an incredible time in DC, and hopefully this isn’t my only trip of the year!


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