Oh My Love

Yes, it’s another Chris Brown post. I’m not defending him, or explaining why I still love him after 2009’s incident.

No, this post is about his brand new video “She Ain’t You” and how much I love it.

I’ve written posts before about how I love that Chris Brown is a dance artist. They’re a dying breed these days, artists make “dance” music, but don’t dance themselves. Not my Breezy. The video for “She Ain’t You” looks like it came straight out of the 90’s, and these days a comment like that is a compliment.

The song samples “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson, and “Right Here” by SWV, and the video is a sort of tribute to Michael, especially in the dance moves. It’s not complicated steps, instead its movement inspired by Michael that go so perfectly with the song. I watched the video at work on my break, and had to cover my mouth to keep from squealing. I felt like a teenager again, seeing a dance video for the first time and being so excited to go home and learn it. And believe me, I will learn it.

Chris Brown is at his best when he’s like this, singing a smooth R&B song and good dance moves. I do like his pop stuff, but songs like “She Ain’t You” are what his true fans like me love him for.

This is probably the 50th post about Chris Brown. No more. Unless I see him on tour.

Here’s the video.


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