My New Obsessions

It’s spring time, so instead of going outside, having to wear shorts and enjoy nature, I’ve been watching some new TV shows.

Since Fringe ended, I’ve stopped watching scripted shows and have turned to reality shows, but the two reality shows I’ve been watching aren’t mindless, they’re actually fascinating, at least they are to me. Swamp People on the History Channel and Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes are what I love. Here’s why.

Swamp People is a show that my cousin was tweeting about a while ago. I remember tweeting her asking “What the hell is Swamp People?” I saw a clip of it on The Soup last weekend and decided to watch it. Little did I know I’d get hooked super fast, and watch half of season one in one weekend. On paper, a show about alligator hunters in the Louisiana bayou doesn’t sound like something that interests me, but the show is strangely compelling. Following four teams of gator hunters, who are of Cajun descent with pretty cool accents, it shows them out on the water in the swamp during gator hunting season and how they hunt and kill gators. Not only do you see how they do this, and how important this is for them, you learn that the process is hundreds of years old. It’s a culture and way of life for these people, and it’s fascinating to watch. Normally, men like this would be portrayed as stupid hicks, who skin gators and eat gator meat, but instead they’re seen as men trying to make a living, and try to pass on the ways of gator hunting to their sons. It’s ultimately a show about tradition. I love it and I feel like I’m learning about something I’d never know about otherwise when I watch it. Check it out if you can, and you’ll get hooked.

Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes seems like something that’s more my style. It’s the most successful show on Oprah’s struggling OWN network, that takes a look behind the scenes of the farewell season of the Oprah Show. Viewers are able to meet the producers and see how they pitch, put together and tape the shows we watch everyday. I’m in love with this show for a few reasons. First, I’m fascinated by these producers. They work with so much pressure, and have so many things to oversee and are able to pull it off every time. Most of the producers are women. I try to put myself in their shoes (cause working for Oprah would be awesome, of course) but I think I’d be crying everyday. To screw up something and have Oprah Winfrey looking at me, asking me why I screwed up, I think I’d pee myself. It’s also interesting to see how Oprah is when she’s not on the show and interacts with her staff. Obviously she’s a tough woman, she couldn’t become a billionaire without being tough, but I think she’s fair and treats her staff very well. It’s great to see how they pull of big events, like the Australia trip, and how much hours and work goes in to every show they do. It’s addictive, and it’s on OWN.

I should go out on nice days and get a tan or something, but I’ll probably sit in front of my computer and watch these two shows.


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