America’s Best Dance Crew Finale Recap

America’s Best Dance Crew season six wrapped up on Sunday with an amazing finale, crowing IaMmE as the winners. My plan was to recap every episode of the season on the blog, but it just didn’t happen, because even though I watched every episode and was super happy that IaMmE won, it was a pretty sleepy season. But I will get to my problems with the season later on. First, my thoughts on the finale episode.

I don’t think fans have been so fired up over which crew should win the title since season one when it was Jabbawockeez against Status Quo. I was fired up with this finale the same way I was back then as well, because if Iconic Boyz won the competition, ABDC would have lost all credibility. That’s the problem when a group of kids enters a competition with adults, they get the special treatment, the judges take it easy on them (Except D-Trix who kept it real one time and got slammed by his fellow judges for it) and fans fall in love with them more because they’re children then their dancing skills. Meanwhile, from the very first episode, IaMmE stood out with their unique style and clean choreography. They definitely deserved to win.

I love when all the winning crews come back. They should make it a tradition, because it reminds the audience why we fell in love with them in the first place. Out of the five winners, the strongest performances were from Poreotix, We Are Heroes, and of course Jabbawockeez. I was never a huge fan of SuperCrew (I was rooting for Fanny Pak all through season 2) and I was very disappointed D-Trix didn’t dance with Quest. The way he spoke to them after their performance seemed like he’s not in the crew anymore. If that’s true, that’s sad. (According to their Wikipedia page, he is not a member of Quest anymore.)

The final two crews had many dances together, including an entire episode devoted to a “battle.” Season six had the worst group dances in ABDC history, Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo, no matter how much I criticize them, were sorely missed. However, IaMmE had one of the best final dances in the history of the show. Just like on Dancing with the Stars, the freestyle round, where crews create their own music and look, is usually the deciding factor on who is gonna win. It’s how Jabbawockeez, Quest, and We Are Heroes won.

I will always watch and become invested in ABDC, but there are some things I think they should change for season 7.

No artist themed weeks EVERY week. Once or twice in the season is okay, but not every week. The majority of the crews on this show are hip hop crews, and they should be able to dance to hip hop music.

No more children on the show. I hope the success of Iconic Boyz doesn’t make Randy Jackson think kid crews should be integrated in the show permanently. Unless he wants to make a kid version of the show, keep it adults only.

Get rid of Lil Mama. People have been saying this since the first season. Yes, she can be entertaining, and sometimes controversial, but she never says anything of substance. With D-Trix added to the panel, there are now two people who actually make sense when they critique the crews. There are so many females who are professional dancers or choreographers who would do a much better job. Just sayin’.

Though there were problems, dance wise it was a great season, though as usual the female crews didn’t stand a chance. Hopefully that will change in the future.

What did you guys think of the ABDC season 6?


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  1. dominique ford

    I completely and totally agree with you. If they keep kids on the show, people will favor them because of their devotion to dance and not for their dance skills. They were a good group, but I was on D trix’s side when he said that if the other crews danced liked them they would be criticized as well. Because they are young doesnt mean that we rooted for them, nor did it mean that D trix was wrong for his harsh criticism. It is a competition anyways. So hopefully when they come back for season 7 they would get rid of Lil Mama D trix would be a judge still, and more importantly they dont make it a themed season because in all the history of this show , this season was the most boring. Total “Yawn!”

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