A Week Without Internet Changed Me

I’ve been home from Punta Cana for a week, and I still think about it constantly. I feel lighter, even though I’m coming back to the same life that had me so miserable. Because I had that week away from it, now I feel like I can handle it and things will get better. But what changed the most was living for seven whole days without a phone, or Internet.

Before the trip, I was an Internet junkie. Addicted to Twitter, getting a kick out of the beefs celebrities would get in, and writing tweets about anything and everything. I’d check the entertainment blogs three or four times a day, check to see how many hits my blog got, go on Facebook and see what people were doing, watch crap on YouTube. My phone was the same deal. I was a slave to my phone. I would literally stare at my blackberry, waiting for that stupid little red light to flash. It was constant. I was always connected.

Before we left, at the last minute I decided to leave my phone at home. I knew I wouldn’t need it there, and the roaming charges would not be welcome on my bill. At our hotel, the only place to get WiFi was the lobby, and the only thing I had was my iPod. So most nights, for maybe ten minutes, my sister would check her email, and I’d check Twitter and some sites. Pretty soon I realized that I didn’t care what was going on. The only time I was interested in what people were saying on Twitter was when the BET Awards were on. I happened to be on Twitter just as Chris Brown was performing and it made me wish I was at home with my computer, talking shit with everyone else, but that quickly passed.

It was kind of nice to be unreachable. To not have to feel compelled when I get a BBM message to respond right away, to not think about how I wished certain people would text me, or call me. It was also nice to be in an area where practically no one was on cell phones. Being back home I notice people walking around, talking loudly on their phones, but at the hotel, there was very little of that. It was refreshing.

What I realized the most is that I don’t care. I don’t care what stupid celebrities are saying on Twitter, what they’re wearing or who they’re dating. I don’t really care what people on Facebook are doing because it doesn’t really impact my life. I learned that I’ll be okay if I don’t have an Internet connection, and that the world doesn’t revolve around Twitter. People have been telling me this, but to experience it firsthand was a big eye opener.

I’m not saying that I don’t go on the Internet anymore, but I’ve definitely cut back. In the morning, I used to browse Twitter as I ate my breakfast. I don’t do that anymore. I’m only on Twitter when I’m on my laptop, no more looking at it on my phone or my iPod. I don’t feel so attached to it anymore. However, I’m still a slave to my phone. That’s a habit that’s going to take a while to change.

It could be a phase, but right now it feels kind of like freedom.



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2 responses to “A Week Without Internet Changed Me

  1. I would literally stare at my blackberry, waiting for that stupid little red light to flash. It was constant. I was always connected.
    I’ve got a Droid, so my blinking light is green. What’s the same is my commitment to watching hawkishly for that blinking light to appear.


    Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account for reasons similar to those you’ve posted here. I enjoy Twitter for maybe 5-10 minutes a day, so that wasn’t a huge concern to me. But it suddenly struck me that I get some honest, heartfelt insight on blogs, where people can delve into the heart of a matter as deeply as necessary . . . whereas I get such a micro level of detail on peoples’ lives on Facebook, I might as well not know them at all. It’s been maybe 20 hours, but I’m loving that freedom.

    I’d love to see it expanded, but for now? This is a start, and even this step back feels freeing.

  2. 2blu2btru

    It’s so refreshing to unplug for a little while. It’s so nice to be unreachable sometimes. I feel the most focused and inspired when I’m able to turn my phone off and really get into something–writing a story, a good book, a hot bath, whatever. Glad you got the opportunity to experience that.

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