MTV VMA’s Review

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards aired last night, and again, like every year,  I was so excited to watch the show. With performances by Chris Brown, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, I figured it would be a good show. It was, but a surprise announcement from Beyonce – she’s pregnant! Overshadowed everything else, and the night became all about her.

Let’s just talk about Beyonce being pregnant for a second. I’m so happy for her. I was on Twitter the whole night and once the news hit, it just exploded. People were freaking out like she and Jay-Z were family members. I saw tweets where people were crying and jumping up and down for joy. I didn’t have that kind of reaction, but I was happy. I thought she’d wait a while before she got pregnant and do a tour for this album. It’s really nice though, because she and Jay-Z have been together for like ten years, married for three. It seemed like the whole world was waiting for it to happen. When Beyonce performed “Love On Top”, threw the mic down and proudly rubbed her baby bump with a beaming Jay-Z in the audience, I squealed. It was such a sweet moment. For those few seconds, I believe that maybe I could get married, get pregnant one day and be happy about it. Then that thought quickly passed. Jay and Bey are so private, I really don’t think anyone will see that baby until it’s like five years old. They don’t seem like the selling baby pictures type. However, I will consign many tweets I saw last night: Hopefully the baby looks like Beyonce.

On to the rest of the show. Lady Gaga opened dressed in drag as her male alter ego Jo Calderone. She stayed in character the whole night. Some celebrities in the audience looked horrified, but I thought it was mad cool. Before the show started everyone was asking how would Gaga top herself. In 2009, she did that epic performance of “Paparazzi” where she died at the end, and last year she wore the famous meat dress. Surprising everyone, she didn’t even come to the show as herself. I thought it was genius, and it must have been difficult.

There were rumors that there was going to be a huge Britney tribute. Janet’s name was even thrown around. So I was anxious to see it, expecting some choreography explosion. But all that happened were some little girls did some of her iconic routines and a dead in the eyes Britney accepted the Video Vanguard award. I’m so done with Britney. It seems like her career is over, and she just doesn’t care anymore. I don’t either, Britney.

Adele’s performance got the best reviews on Twitter. I love her, but I thought her voice sounded a bit shaky, and she seemed nervous. It was a nice change to see her just stand in front of the mic with a piano and sing. It was in complete contrast to Chris Brown, who did everything, including flying all over the stage, except sing.

Everyone knows I love my Breezy (and I’m seeing him in concert soon), and I had high hopes for this performance, but it fell flat. The dancing was uninspired and sloppy, the lip syncing was terrible. He probably felt like he had to top his incredible 2007 VMA performance. He didn’t. For a while I’ve been saying that my love for Chris Brown has been faltering, I’m gonna see his show and then make a final decision.

The night ended with a really nice Amy Winehouse tribute by Bruno Mars. Twitter was wondering why Adele didn’t do the tribute, but I really liked how upbeat and happy it was. Bruno sang so good.

Other little things: The show is so much better without a host. Chelsea Handler bombed last year. The show seemed to run smoother without some comic trying to be funny.

– Jay-Z and Kanye killed their performance, but can Jay-Z be on the VMA stage without someone trying to crash the stage?

– Not a fan of Tyler the Creator’s music, the only member of Odd Future I like is Frank Ocean, but I was happy for the dude when he won Best New Artist.

– Totally skipped Wayne’s performance. Not regretting it at all.

I think when people look back at the 2011 VMA’s, they’re gonna remember Beyonce announcing she’s pregnant. She stole the show.


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