Chris Brown F.A.M.E Tour Review

Chris Brown has always been an artist I’ve wanted to see perform live. He’s been making records since 2005 and not once has he ever come to Toronto to do a show. That changed last night when he kicked off his F.A.M.E tour right here in Toronto. It was an amazing night. Here are my thoughts on the show.

The F.A.M.E tour features Tyga, T-Pain and Kelly Rowland. My plan was to go a bit late, skip Tygaall together (cause I don’t know any of his music) and see T-Pain and Kelly. The show started at seven, we got there around seven-thirty and Kelly was already on the stage. I missed most of her set and just caught the end when she performed her new single “Lay it On Me” and her hit “Motivation.” She was wearing a little black body suit, with her butt

Kelly Rowland in Toronto

cheeks hanging out. She had eight male dancers with her, all of them shirtless, making the teenage girls around us squeal. It seemed like Kelly sang live, and the crowd loved her.

The audience was very diverse. There were a lot of teenagers, mostly teenage girls of all different races. I saw a few kids with their parents, and couples. But being twenty-five, were probably among the oldest in the audience. I don’t think I spotted anyone who looked over thirty who wasn’t with some kids. Where we were sitting, we were surrounded by black teenage girls, and that made the show so much fun. They were all so excited to be there, excited to see Chris. One of them said to me, “When he comes out I’m gonna cry!” and I said, “Me too!” I fit right in with them.

T-Pain hit the stage after Kelly, dressed down in baggy shorts and a white t-shirt. He kept the crowd hyped by doing old songs like “Buy You A Drink” and “Bartender”, they played songs to keep people dancing like “Party Rock Anthem.” Me and the teens shuffled like crazy! I’m not that familiar with his new songs, whenever he’d do one that I didn’t know and all the teens around us did, I’d feel old. T-Pain got the most cheers when he performed the hooks he’s sung on other songs that everyone knows, like “Low” and “All I Do is

T-Pain in Toronto

Win.” It was a nice warm up to Chris Brown, but it wasn’t very memorable.

Before Chris came out on stage, the teenage girls sitting by us (and me) were freaking out. Any move on stage, any lull in the music, or flickering of lights made us stand up and squeal. That anticipation of waiting for the main act to come out on stage is one of the best parts of going to a show.

Finally, the lights dimmed. The screaming was deafening. The last show I’ve been to where I was this excited to see the main act was probably Justin Timberlake’s concert in 2007. Seeing Chris Brown on stage was a long time coming.

The stage was set up as a giant boombox, with the band in the speakers, a large jumbotron in the back and a platform he could stand on to be slightly above the stage. Chris opened with “Say It With Me”, slowly rising on to the stage from the floor. Girls around me were freaking out. I could barely hear the music. None of his outfits were too flashy, I believe his first outfit was cargo pants, a tank top and jacket that he quickly took off. After the first song, he was already drenched in sweat. I’d say for about 70% of the show, he was shirtless. He welcomed the crowd to the “Muthaf***ing FAME tour!”  He said he hadn’t been to Toronto for six years and knew he had to kick off his tour here.

He went in to old classics like “Run It” and “Yo” that everyone in the


audience danced along to. This was the first show I’ve been to where it felt like a dance party. These teens were dancing, singing along, having the time of their lives, not caring about anything else. I’d look around me and everyone was just dancing. It was awesome, cause it made me dance harder. The energy from those teens and the love they had for Chris was infectious.

He performed every song off the FAME album except for “Up To You” and “Should’ve Kissed You” (which was a little disappointing cause I love that song.) Of course, there was the sexy song medley, where he performed “Wet The Bed”, “No Bullshit” and “Take You Down” while a young girl was on the stage. He gave her a lap dance and it looked like he kissed her. It was a little gross, but the girls were loving it. There were quite a few slower jams in the show. He performed his Bieber duet, “Next To You” which was one of my

Shirtless Breezy

favorite moments. Chris sang it with so much passion and the audience was singing it back to him with just as much passion. I really felt that one. But the tears didn’t come until he did “No Air.” I was not expecting that at all. “No Air” is my favorite song of all time. To see him sing it live was a little overwhelming.

The house was officially brought down with “Deuces” (Tyga came out and rapped his verse) and “Look At Me Now.” It was hilarious to see girls in the audience try to rap every single word to Busta’s verse.

The final two songs were “Yeah 3X” and “Forever”, with “Beautiful People” as the encore. “Beautiful People” was the best performance of the night, it was an amazing light show. Dancers were in full body suits that lit up and

Beautiful People

changed colors. Chris was in a suit that lit up, there were lasers flying around the arena. It was gorgeous to look at, but I still danced my ass off. The show ended with a bow with his dancers, and Breezy shouting “After party!!”

It was an amazing show. There was never a lull, never a dull moment, never one second where it wasn’t obvious that Chris Brown was giving everything out on that stage. My love for him was reaffirmed, it doesn’t matter what he does in his personal life, that brotha can dance, he can sing, and he can perform. I looked around at the sold out crowd and there was no doubt that two years after the incident, Chris Brown is back on top and he will probably stay there for a while. The love from his female fans did not go away. I think his Canadian fans were even more excited to see him because it’s been so long since he’s been here.

It was most definitely worth the wait.

UPDATED: Check out a video I made at the show.




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3 responses to “Chris Brown F.A.M.E Tour Review

  1. Great review can’t wait to see him in my city!

  2. nicole

    Sounds like I missed an amazing show! I really wish I could have been there to see him perform Deuces and all his old songs. The encore of Beautiful People sounds awesomeee, I probably would have been dancing hard with you and the teens! Nice post.

  3. alisha

    You are an amazing writer I must start off to compliment you. And this review is very helpful, I cannot wait til he comes to LA 🙂

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