Born to Dance Finale Review

In my previous post about Born To Dance, I admitted that I enjoyed the first episode, and wondered if the show would be able to hold my attention for the rest of the season. The season finale aired this Tuesday, and watching the three finalists dance on stage with Lady Gaga almost had me in tears. This show had me so hooked. There were some flaws along the way, but honestly, it was one of the BEST dance series I’ve ever watched.

Over eight episodes, we watched twenty girls get cut down until there was one winner (I’ll get to the winner later). The girls were put through difficult challenges like learning new styles like ballet, jazz and Lindy Hop, performing on the Mo’nique show and dancing in a commercial. At the beginning, the girls were pretty rough. Lots of them had difficulty picking up choreography, which I thought was unacceptable since that’s a basic thing you have to be able to do to be a professional dancer. It was around the Lindy Hop episode, where they were able to dance with boys in pairs, that I really started to see the girls improve. Laurie Ann was hard on them, they worked hard and you could see them get better with each episode. It was one of the reasons why the show was so fun to watch.

Another thing I loved was that there was no drama. The girls didn’t fight with each other, or talk crap behind each other’s backs. It seemed like everyone got along, and they were all there to just dance and learn from Laurie Ann. Since there was no drama, the show only focused on the dance. So many times dance shows cut away from the dance, or cut around it so you can’t see the whole routine. Not this show. The Lindy Hop episode is another example, there were six girls left, all of them went up to dance with their partner doing the same routine and BET showed all of it. We got to see every girl dance her routine, and the audience got to decide who did the best. I loved watching that. My favourite moment of the season was a weird one, a moment only a dance nerd would love, Richie and Peanut showing the girls the Poker Face routine. Richie and Peanut had been in every episode all season, but we rarely got to see them dance. To see how effortlessly they both did that routine showed why they’re on team BoomKack.

I was a little upset with the final three. KC was in my opinion, the best dancer on the show and should have won. LaTonya was okay, but Hennessey definitely didn’t deserve to be in the top three. She struggled the whole season, and always had problems picking up the choreo. I thought Ice should have been in her place, but whatever, Hennessey did kill it on stage with Gaga. I knew LaTonya was going to win cause it would look a little weird if a non black girl won the show while it’s on BET. Not saying she didn’t deserve it, but that probably was a factor. She blended in to the background the whole season and was never one of my favorites, but I watched her on stage with Gaga and she did do a really good job.

Watching the girls on stage with Gaga had me cheering. They all did such a good job and blended in well with Gaga’s dancers. Hearing that pep talk Gaga gave the girls even made me believe that if I work hard enough I can achieve my dreams. Not my dance dreams, cause that ship has sailed (even though I do wanna try to get that Poker Face dance), but any dream I have for my life.

Born To Dance was a really fun, feel good, positive show to watch. The dancing was good, the girls seemed to really want it, and Laurie Ann even toned down her crazy personality and sort of became a weeping mother figure. She cried in every single episode! I love her even more, she deserves all the success she has.

I’m gonna miss this show! I hope it comes back for another season, because it’s one of the best BET has ever done.



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3 responses to “Born to Dance Finale Review

  1. shari powell

    I love your blog! You make me laugh .Especially on Brittnet not dancing anymore. Just like you i love dance and used to tape videos and practic the moves lol

  2. shari powell

    Do you think they will have another season of Born to Dance ? I LOVED the Lady GAga challenge! It was in my opinion the best dance show out there.

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