How To Make It… Best Show on TV

I’ll admit, when How to Make it In America premiered last year, I only tuned in because of Victor Rasuk. In high school, my sister and I watched Raising Victor Vargas every single day, and could recite almost every line. After we discovered Victor, we watched many movies he was in, so flipping on How to Make It was a no brainer. I liked the show from the first episode, focusing two best friends in New York trying to do something with their lives and make money. Every episode of the first season would leave me wanting more,  I loved the quick, funny dialogue, the shots of New York, the parties they’d go to, just that downtown New York life made me jealous, but it was a way for me to experience it i and wish for a cool life.

Season two premiered last night on HBO. There was a lot of hype leading up to it, Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk were doing interviews everywhere. I would keep seeing tweets of events they’d be doing in NYC and curse my Canadian status. People who viewed the episode early kept saying that season two is so much better than season one, it’s faster, smarter, sexier and edgier. I stayed up late to watch it last night, and actually applauded when it finished (loser, I know.)

Yes, season two has a different feel from the first season. Everyone looks a little more polished, the characters have grown a lot and the plot was more clear because they had the first season to build on. I loved that Julie, the girl Ben met in the clothing store in the first season, is back as his girlfriend. I actually cheered when I saw her. I love that there’s more Domingo (Kid Cudi, but I’ve been calling him Domingo since the show aired.) I love that Rene is still selling that Rasta Monsta I love that Crisp is really starting to take off, because one of the great things about the show is that you root for Ben and Cam. I know what it’s like being in your twenties and not knowing what you want to do with your life (I don’t live in NYC and go to cool parties, but that’s another post). I want them to succeed, cause if they do, I could too.

What I didn’t like was the added “sexiness” to the show. I know it was only the first episode, but I don’t think sex scenes and nudity will add anything. It’s probably what guys want to see, and it’s a show directed at guys, but I liked that in the first season there wasn’t that much sex. They don’t even need sex scenes with Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk and Kid Cudi on the show anyway.

I think the second season is starting off great, and it seems like the show has gained a lot of popularity. Twitter was lighting up this morning with reviews of the first episode, and the title of the show is trending. I hope this momentum stays, How To Make It lasts many more years and Victor Rasuk becomes a superstar, because he’s gorgeous and super talented.

How To Make It is my favorite show on TV right now, hands down. It airs Sunday nights at 10:30pm on HBO.


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