We Found Love

Yesterday Rihanna released the brand new video for her single “We Found Love” from her sixth album “Talk That Talk.” Rihanna is someone I don’t usually talk about on this blog. I’m not a huge fan. I like “Take A Bow” Rihanna a lot more than this pop/dance music Rihanna. But there’s just something about this video that has everyone talking.

When the video was released yesterday afternoon, Twitter went crazy. I’ve never seen so many positive reactions for a video, especially a Rihanna video. Even I had to say that I enjoyed it, even though I can’t stand the song.

It’s like a mini movie. Watching it reminded me of the days when the video to a song was so important, millions would go in to making sure it was on point. I can appreciate that Rihanna is one of those artists who puts a lot of time and effort in to her videos. The song “We Found Love” isn’t really about anything, while the video has some pretty deep messages.

It shows the downward spiral of an all-consuming, obsessive, destructive, drug filled love. Her love interest in the video (who many are calling a “Chris Brown lookalike”, even though he looks NOTHING like Breezy) is played by model Dudley O’Shaughnessy. He’s an interesting looking dude, but he’s cute. Their relationship starts off innocent, but once drugs enter the picture, things start to go downhill.

You see the two of them stealing, fighting with each other, living in a messy room just having sex and doing drugs. It’s like they shut out the whole world and became completely wrapped up in each other. They were in love, but at the same time looked miserable.

The most chilling scene was the two of them fighting in the car. It was pretty controversial for Rihanna to put that in the video, knowing that she experienced something like that which ended up much worse. The whole video could be a reference to her relationship with Chris Brown. She’s said in interviews that they were best friends and were very much in love. Obviously some of that love was destructive. What was interesting was at the end of the video, she left him on the floor of their dirty room and walked out the door. The message hopefully being that she was sick of the relationship and needed to get out.

The visuals are interesting, she wears a lot of cool clothes and has different looks. I saw a few tweets comparing her to Madonna. One thing about Rihanna is that she’s constantly reinventing herself. She went from being the island girl from Barbados singing reggae influenced music, to cutting her hair short, singing pop/R&B, to being edgy and tough and now she’s an international pop star. I may not like the music, but I can’t hate on a 23-year-old black girl ruling the music world right now.

Check out the video here.


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