Watch The Throne Concert Review

I’ve been to a lot of amazing concerts this year, I got to see Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and Miguel. But by far the best show I’ve seen this year, and maybe the best concert I’ve ever seen, is Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne Tour.

It’s been called the best hip hop concert ever. I’d read reviews where nothing negative was said, which is pretty rare for a hip hop concert. I missed work so I could buy the tickets in August, and they were not cheap. After hearing the reviews, I was expecting a great show. We went to the second of two shows in Toronto. We heard that the show didn’t start until after nine, so we didn’t rush to get there. Our seats were amazing, we were on the second level, right near the second of two huge cubes Jay and Kanye performed on.


The show started early, and what a beginning. Jay-Z was on the cube in front of us, Kanye was near the stage, and they started with “H.A.M.” We were blown away that we were so close to Jay, I’m sure he could see us. I was screaming my head off, so excited to see two of the greatest rappers ever on one stage.

I’ve been trying to think of how I can put in to words how amazing the show was, and I’m finding it very difficult. All I can say is that it was a non stop, two hour, party. Usually when you go to a concert, even if it’s your favorite artist, there’s always a break, when the artist does a few slow jams, or runs off to quick change. That’s when you could sit down, take a breather, catch your breath. This did not happen in this show. Either Jay and Kanye were both on the stage, or one of them was on the stage doing his solo hits. It was hit, after hit, after hit, after hit. By the middle of the show, I was losing steam. I couldn’t even rap along with them, while Jay and Kanye rapped every single word with no hype men. To be able to do that show every night takes incredible stamina.

With two rising cubes they rapped on, which showed HD images of animals and other things, fire balls, fire shooting up from the floor, it was visually stunning as well. What I liked the most were the lasers. Even though I was dancing so hard, most of the time I missed them, they were pretty cool.

Kanye West

The energy in the arena was insane. When the lights would go up, I’d just look around and see thousands of people with their diamonds in the air, waving their arms at the same time. It’s an incredible sight, proof of the power of music to unite all different types of people.

For me, the most fun part of the night was “Ni**a’s in Paris.” I had read reviews saying that they performed the song more than once, I heard they did it four times during the show the night before. I wasn’t prepared for the madness that came along with that song. After performing it twice, Kanye and Jay stood still, surveying the crowd, seeing if they really wanted to hear it again. We were going crazy. Kanye said something about turning the arena in to a club, instructing everyone to stand on their chairs and get crazy. I’ve heard different numbers from different people, but it seems like our show got “Paris” 5 or 6 times. I read on Twitter they did it 7 times in Detroit this weekend, a record. I walked out of that arena covered in sweat, tired, sore, with ringing ears and barely a voice, but I was blissfully happy. I wanted to go back in and do it all over again. It was an experience I will never ever forget.

I don’t usually go to hip hop concerts because I don’t expect to see a spectacular show or performance. Watch The Throne Tour changed the perception of what a hip hop show can be. It was my first time seeing Jay-Z in concert, and he has amazing stage presence. He’s the complete opposite of Kanye, who’s wilder and a lot more emotional in his performance. Plus, only Kanye could perform wearing a leather skirt and still look sexy. This was my third time seeing Kanye in concert, and he was at his best. He’s probably one of the greatest hip hop performers of all time.

This show was an amazing end to a year of seeing so many concerts. But this one tops them all. Seeing Jay and Kanye on tour together was a once in a lifetime event. I was with my favorite people and it’s a night we’ll always remember.



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    They came on around 8:45 and the show ended after 11.

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