Stressful Holidays

I used to be that girl who’d try to write a blog post every week, but for the whole month of November there is one post. I used to write about how my fiction was going and what books I liked or weird thoughts I had about stupid stuff.

These past few weeks, I’ve got nothing.

It’s the holidays, formally known as Christmas time, and like every year, I’m busy. Working retail, Christmas is the best time to make some major cash, cause the stores are so busy. I’ve picked up another job for Christmas, so now I’m hustling from job to job, with barely any time to eat or sleep, let alone write.

It’s kind of miserable. I hate this time of year, I have for the past ten years since my Grandma passed away. I should probably get over it, but she loved this time of year and always made it really special. It’s not the same without her. It’s also hard because I just want to relax, since I’m going back to school in January and my life will get even more hectic.

It it too much to ask to just chill at home and watch A Different World reruns?

But I’m not complaining. My life has been stalled for the past two years nad going back to school will be a nice change. I’ll still blog, hopefully still write my fiction and read cool books.

I’ll probably be back near the end of the month, talking about my favorite books, TV and music from the past year.

Until then, I’m just going to focus on getting through each day.


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