“The Game” Season 5 Premiere Review

Last year, it seemed like everyone I knew tuned in to watch the new season of The Game on BET. It had been cancelled for two years and brought back due to demands from the fans. It was a disappointing, weird, disjointed and annoying season. It became clear that even though it had all the same faces, it wasn’t the same show that I originally fell in love with.

However, I stayed up and watched the premiere on Tuesday, just so I could write a blog and critique it. While the show has improved in some areas, the premiere was still pretty wack.

I was on Twitter that night, and one of the main criticisms was the absence of Kelly Pitts. Last season, she was in only a handful of episodes and the writers turned her character around completely. Now she’s gone for good, without an explanation. It doesn’t seem like anyone in the cast is talking about why Brittany Daniel left the show, if it was her choice or if she was fired, but the show isn’t the same without her. Some of my favorite scenes from previous seasons were Melanie, Tasha and Kelly talking about men and drinking wine. That female bonding was gone from the premiere, and probably won’t be around for a while because Tasha and Melanie hate each other.

The episode focused on Melanie/Derwin, Tasha/Malik and Jason. I’m going to ignore the Tasha and Malik storyline completely because it made no sense and I really don’t care what happens to either character.

I thought the Melanie and Derwin story was stupid. It was dumb that Derwin was so mad that Melanie had an abortion, even though it wasn’t his baby. I hated how weak Melanie was, begging him to love her and forgive her. Was she always this weak? Tia did a good job though, she really carries this show.

I have so many problems with the Jason Pitts storyline. In previous seasons, it never seemed like he had an issue with being black and black women. When he was with Stacey Dash at the end of season three, it was no big deal. Now all of a sudden, he married Kelly, and doesn’t date black women because of these issues that he’s had since he was a kid. Completely inconsistent and sort of stereotypical. And Brandy’s character was definitely the “angry black woman” stereotype. The two of them had no chemistry at all.

Besides the stupid storylines, I did think the writing improved. The scene with Melanie pleading with Derwin to just say he loved her, though it was weak, it was nicely written. It also looked like BET has pumped way more money in to the show. Those outdoor, on location, steady cam shots are not cheap. At some points it looked like a movie.

Yes, I will keep watching this season. I’m hooked, and invested in these stupid characters, but I probably won’t write about it.

What did you guys think? Has The Game improved or not?


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