Time hasn’t been an issue for me in a while. It always felt like there was too much time and I didn’t know how to fill my day. That has changed completely. School is literally kicking my ass. There are so many assignments due, quizzes to study for, an event to plan and of course a novel to write. Unfortunately, this blog has been put on the back burner. Thanks to the people who’ve asked me what’s going on, telling me they check the blog for new posts. I appreciate you and I’ll work harder to post more. But honestly, not much has been happening. There are no dance shows on to complain about, TV has been dry and boring, the music out right now is terrible. So I’ll just write about a few things I feel like discussing.

Rihanna and Breezy – Probably 20% of this entire blog is about Chris Brown. I’m known at school as the ultimate Breezy stan (and I’m proud of it). The two songs that he did with Rihanna hit the Internet and people are outraged. I’m not, cause the songs are good, well “Birthday Cake” is good, not really feeling the “Turn Up the Music” remix.  I knew this would happen eventually. These two have this bond that I’m not even going to try to understand, it was only a matter of time before they became friends again. I’m at the point now where I really don’t care. It’s been three years, obviously Rihanna had to forgive him in order to move on and allowing him back in her life is her choice. I can’t say that I would never do that if I were in her shoes cause thankfully I’ve never had a guy beat the crap out of me. I’ve also never fallen in love with my best friend. They’re grown, I’m grown and if they want to make music together I’ll listen to it. Of course there’s the argument that Rihanna is a role model and all these young girls are going to think it’s okay to let your abuser back in your life. If I had a daughter, I’d definitely talk to her about this and say this is Rihanna’s choice, it doesn’t have to be yours if this happened to you. It’s not up to Rihanna to raise the children of the world. If it was, she would have done a lot more to help girls dealing with domestic violence then she has. It’s all about the music. Haters, come for me.

Romeo Santos – The only kind of music that is giving me any kind of enjoyment right now is Spanish music. My iPod is so incredibly boring. So many mornings I feel like I have nothing to listen to with over 1,600 songs on my iPod. Whenever I feel like that, I go to my Latin playlist and enjoy every song. The majority of songs I’ve added this year so far have been in Spanish and my favorite artist right now would have to be Romeo Santos. His songs are really good, he has a beautiful voice and he’s not that bad to look at. I watched the “All Aboard” video in class on my iPod and almost had a heart attack. It’s amazing to hear him sing in English and to see him in a video with Lil’ Wayne. I had an urge to start a Twitter campaign to get 106 and Park to play the video and then I realized that I’m not 17. I have better things to do with my time. But now with techno pop, weird British boy bands and the decline of R&B, I have to turn to music in a language I barely understand.

Q’Viva The Chosen – Speaking of Latin culture, this weekend I watched Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s new show Q’Viva. It’s a talent show where the former couple travel all over South and Central America looking for the best Latin talent. They went to so many countries, looking for singers, dancers and musicians. It was honestly so entertaining and amazing to watch. For JLO and Marc Anthony to do a show like this is amazing in itself. For them to go to these countries to find these talented people who maybe would never get the chance to leave their countries and come to the U.S is so incredible. I love artists who are able to reach such high levels of fame and then give back to their communities. This show represents Latin culture in a way not many people have seen before. I love it.

That’s about it. Spring and summer are coming, which means the return of SYTYCD and hopefully Dance Crew. Then I’ll have something to write about.


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