America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 Review

I know I’m late, but ABDC doesn’t premiere in Canada until Sunday so I had to watch it online. Leading up to this season I was so excited, especially knowing that one of my favourite crews of all time, Fanny Pak, would be coming back to compete for the title that they rightfully deserve. But my excitement dulled slightly when I heard that once again they were doing a “Season of the Superstars” season, where every week all the crews dance to music by one artist. And the first artist for season 7? Britney.

Britney. Really? On America’s Best Dance Crew in 2012? What a horrible choice. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m against the season of the superstars thing. What was so great about the first five seasons was that crews were able to dance to music they felt comfortable with, unless it was a specific theme week like Broadway or something. The crews were comfortable, so they danced well and the audience could hear new music. I have two E-40 songs on my iPod because of the first two seasons of ABDC. Watching the premiere, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s because hip hop is not pop music anymore. These crews are dancing to what’s popular and unfortunately, that’s not hip hop right now.

Anyway, let’s run down the crews that performed in episode one.

8Flavahz- In my criticisms of last season, I said I didn’t want to see any kid crews on the show. After Iconic Boyz making top two last year, I hoped that they would stick to adult crews. But no one listens to me. 8Flavahz is an all girl crew, half of them from Hawaii and the other half from L.A. Their performance was okay, but I felt like I was watching an episode of Dance Moms. Their style was so competition. They are not hip hop at all. But they’re very athletic and cute and are much better dancers than Iconic Boyz.

Mix’d Elements – This crew has each member who excels in a different style and that kind of proved to be their downfall. They didn’t do anything I haven’t seen before and there was nothing that really made them stand out. They wore suspenders… that was interesting. It could be because every member does a different style, together they’re not that great at anything. Not strong in choreography or breaking. I wasn’t impressed.

Irratik – I have to support the all girl, Canadian crew. They’re from Montreal and are VERY similar to Bluprint Crew from season 5. But that’s not a bad thing. I love a strong choreography based crew and strong female crews. They were interesting and definitely could dance. I just hope that they last long so we could see what they really can do, because usually strong female crews don’t last long in this competition.

Stepboys – This is a crew that had a lot of cool tricks, but again didn’t really impress me. They have that “funny” style like Poreotix but I don’t really like that. Do some hard choreography, that will impress me. So far, I’m not a fan.

Fanny Pak – Obviously, best of the night. This season is theirs to lose. With a few new members mixed with old, they took the stage with the signature Fanny Pak style. They have the kind of choreography where you look at it and know it’s Fanny Pak. They had interesting formations and transitions and hit a lot of beats in the music, which I love. They’re theatrical and really deserve this second chance. So far, they’re miles ahead of everyone.

If Fanny Pak did not perform on this episode I’d say that the season premiere was a disappointment. After six seasons introducing us to crews like Jabbawockeez, IamMe and Quest Crew, the bar is set high and these crews really have to bring it. There are five more that are going to perform next week and I’m hoping they’ll be better.

I am loving the judges. Now that D-Trix is on the panel, Lil’ Mama is the only one who makes no sense. JC and D-Trix really know what they’re talking about and want to help the crews with constructive criticism.

I’m not writing off this season, no matter how crappy the crews are I always watch ABDC until the end, because I’m a true, hard-core, weirdly obsessed fan.


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