America’s Best Dance Crew Episode 2 Review

Season 7 of ABDC continued this week, introducing us to the remaining 5 crews in the competition. Continuing with the “Season of the Superstars” theme, it was Flo Rida week and the man himself sat at the judges table. Here’s the rundown of the second episode of season 7.

Elektrolytes – A group of guys from a small town where not many people dance hip hop. Their performance was pretty amateurish, not very exciting. I thought they had some cool moments and transitions but their performance wasn’t very memorable. Maybe they’ll improve as the show goes on, but right now I don’t think they have a shot at winning.

Rated Next Generation – Yet another kid crew, but this time I’m not gonna hate. These kids are a bit older, 13-15, and they can DANCE. Their dance very clean, and have tight choreography, I love and appreciate that. They dance so hard that every single one of them has a stank dance face. I’m really excited to see what they’re gonna do in the coming weeks. If you’re gonna have kids on the show, they should dance like this.

Collizion Crew – This crew from Atlanta represents the down South hip hop scene. It’s nice to see a crew like this on the show, since so many of the crews seem so pop, but I wasn’t really feeling them. I thought their stunts were a bit corny and their routine a bit boring.

Funkdation – The first crew from Mexico they’re a real traditional hip hop crew, focused on the true elements of hip hop dance. They had a lot of cool moments in their routine, their choreography was clean and they had some cool tricks. Fanny Pak finally has some competition.

Mos Wanted Crew – A group of professional dancers from LA, I like this crew a lot, but there are a few familiar faces in the crew that have been on the show before. After doing a bit of research, one of the guys was in SoReal Cru which came in second on season two, and another was in Boxcuttuhz who competed in season three. Fair? Hmm. Besides that, they killed it. They’re another crew that Fanny Pak should be worried about and they have a huge following online. I’m calling it, Mos Wanted Crew and Fanny Pak in the final two.

We have a competition here, people!

The battle was pretty wack, but I’m glad Funkdation won and will get the chance to dance again. I think this season is starting to shape up pretty nice.

Let me know if you’d like me to keep recapping the show for the rest of the season.


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