America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 Finale Review

As an ABDC enthusiast, I have to say that season 7 was probably the best since season 3. Strong crews, amazing dancing, exciting competition, great critiques from JC and D-Trix and that emotional connection. Watching the finale, I realized how passionate I was about these crews. I haven’t felt that way since the Beat Freaks/Quest Crew finale. It was a great season. Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about season 7.

First of all, I loved the crews. By the time they got to top five, Fanny Pak, RNG, 8Flavaz, Mos Wanted Crew and Electrolytes, any one of them could have won the whole show. They were all that strong. The theme nights were annoying, but on the Drake and Jennifer Lopez nights, choreography was amazing. What was so disappointing was what happened to Fanny Pak. The audience just wasn’t voting for them and after the fourth time in a row that they were in the bottom, it was pretty clear that they were going home. Maybe people felt like it wasn’t fair that they got a second chance, maybe their choreography and technique went over a lot of people’s heads. I thought they did a great job every week, but they always seemed above the show, too advanced. And I was always comparing them to how they were on season 2. It’s sad, I think it sort of messed with their legacy.

The kid crews were amazing. I fell in love with 8Flavaz. They are such talented, poised little girls. When they looked back on their journey on the last episode I teared up a little bit. I really believe that they deserved to win. Last season Iconic Boyz didn’t deserve to even be in the top 2, but Flavaz had the talent and the technique to win.

This is what I wrote about Electrolytes after their first performance on the show: “A group of guys from a small town where not many people dance hip hop. Their performance was pretty amateurish, not very exciting. I thought they had some cool moments and transitions but their performance wasn’t very memorable. Maybe they’ll improve as the show goes on, but right now I don’t think they have a shot at winning.” I eat my words. This crew definitely came up from not being contenders to eventually winning the whole thing, but I think they are the WEAKEST winners in ABDC history. Yeah, I said it. They had some good performances and there are some hot guys in the crew but 8Flavaz, Mos Wanted and Fanny Pak were stronger.

I watched the finale thinking that ABDC is a male dominated show. We Are Heroes are the only all female crew to win and besides 8Flavaz, Beat Freaks were the only other all female crew to make the top 2. A mediocre male crew won against an incredible all female crew. It’s so frustrating. Speaking of frustrating, can we talk about Mos Wanted? Probably one of my favourite crews in the history of the show, they were ROBBED. The battle against Electrolytes was one of the best moments of the season. They were consistently good with strong choreography. Ian Eastwood tweeted something about the “producers” kicking them off in favor of a crew that did more flips. Interesting theory because just like women have a tough time on this show, so do choreography based crews. Audiences like flips and stunts.

Lil Mama was once again a mess this season. Her comment on how she wanted 8Flavaz at the finale was met with silence and a few boos. Every year I call for her to be replaced, but by now it won’t happen.

What I want is for ABDC to come back next season and continue to entertain, inspire and frustrate me.


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