Dance and YouTube

When I was younger, taping music videos was a full-time job. I remember days when I’d watch BET or MuchMusic for hours waiting for one specific video. If that video came on, I had to jump to grab the remote and press record. Most of the time it was a dance video. I’d have to tape it so I could get the choreography. I’d rewind and fast forward and pause making sure I was able to hit every single move. There were so many times I’d work up a sweat in my basement and wish people could watch me and see how I was killing the movement.

Now kids all over the world can have millions of people watch them dance thanks to YouTube. YouTube has made so many regular people instant stars by singing or doing weird stunts or having unique talents but dancers have really taken off because of YouTube.

French dancers Les Twins owe a lot of their fame to YouTube. A performance they gave at World of Dance in San Diego in 2010 has over 11 million views. Beyonce saw them dance on the internet and invited them to dance in her videos and live shows. They are worldwide stars now who have danced for other artists and teach all over the world. (I met them too, check out the post if you haven’t.)

A dance battle featuring Miley Cyrus and cast members from the movie Step Up 2 that was featured on YouTube made headlines in 2008. Celebrities got involved and people flocked to the internet to watch this dance battle. In my opinion its one of the most exciting things that’s happened on YouTube.

Now there is a new dance channel on YouTube that is all about the “dance lifestyle.” DS2DIO has four shows that feature interviews with famous dancers, videos of dancers in interesting locations and actual classes taught by choreographers to the stars. I find the classes the most interesting part of the channel. Most people will never get to take a class with Fatima Robinson, Wade Robson or Brian Friedman. Now they can because of YouTube. If I was still in the culture, I would totally set my computer up, put some comfortable clothes on, grab a water bottle and try to get the combination. Dancers are encouraged to learn the routine and post it on YouTube for other people to watch.

Dancers have always been in the background. It’s only recently with dance reality shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance that they’re really getting the fame and recognition they deserve. When I was younger, I’d do my research and learn who each dancer was. Now a lot of dancers are recognized thanks to social media and reality shows. I think it’s great. Dancers are athletes who make music come alive.

Next time you’re bored, go on YouTube and watch some good dance videos. Here are some of my favs:

Mos Wanted Crew (the real winners of ABDC)

Les Twins, Chachi Gonzales and Smart Mark

Jabbawockeezz PYT (from ABDC)

Chris Brown doing the dougie

Beyonce rehearsing “Why Don’t You Love Me”

What are your favourite dance videos on YouTube?



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