I’m Over Scandal


I’ll admit, I was never a Gladiator. I got in to Scandal late. A few weeks before the second season premiere, I binge watched the first season. I loved the writing, the quick dialogue, the twists at the end of each episode and looking at Columbus Short. I couldn’t wait to live tweet the show with the rest of Twitter.

Now, in to the third season I just don’t care anymore. I had my moments when I cared. I loved when Fitz and Olivia would have their tortured love monologues. When Fitz got shot I screamed in horror. I loved reading tweets about the show and being part of that crew of Scandal watchers on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter on Thursday nights and you don’t watch Scandal, you have no idea what anyone is talking about.

It was in the middle of the second season, after Fitz found out about the voting fraud and killed Verna that I felt like the show lost its way. I didn’t care about B-613. I didn’t care about Jake or like him with Olivia. I didn’t care who the mole was. I found that the only character I really cared about was Huck. The “Seven Fifty Two” episode was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

I love Shonda Rimes. As a writer she is my inspiration. But I saw the “Daddy!” reveal at the end of the second season coming. And now in to the third season with her father being so abusive and the head of B-613, it’s getting a little far fetched.  I haven’t watched the episode with Olivia’s mother yet but just the idea that her father faked her mother’s death and  kept her locked away for over twenty years is just…dumb. I’d prefer if Olivia’s parents were some regular folk who happened to have a daughter who became super smart and successful.

Olivia is best when she’s kicking ass, telling people what to do and being a boss. I’m sick of seeing her so weepy. I’m sick of her curling up in to the fetal position whenever Fitz calls. I hated that she fought so hard to save Jake’s life. These men treat her like crap but she keeps going back to them, which is the major flaw of her character. She can fix other people’s lives but hers is screwed up. It’s getting boring. I want to see Olivia smack people down. I want her to have a relationship with a new guy (Harrison, maybe?) who’s normal. Fitz and Olivia can only chase each other for so long.

And that rape scene. Others have written about it much better than I ever could. I’ll just say, it was uncomfortable to watch and unnecessary. I always liked Mellie, she didn’t need to get raped for her to become a more sympathetic character.

I don’t watch the show on the edge of my seat anymore. I watch because I like the writing, I like Huck, Harrison, Mellie and Cyrus. It’s still an entertaining way to spend an hour. I’m just not emotionally invested anymore.

Anyone with me out there? Anyone not feeling Scandal anymore?


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