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Step Up 4 – Revolution

No one wanted to go see Step Up Revolution with me. I blame Step Up 3D. In my review last year, I called it the weakest of all the Step Up films. It was a major disappointment. Sitting in the theatre to watch Step Up Revolution I just prayed it didn’t suck so my sister, who I dragged along with me, wouldn’t complain.

It didn’t suck.

Besides Step Up 2: The Streets (one of my favourite dance movies of all time) this was the next best one in the franchise. Strong dancing, a storyline that made sense and good music. That’s all I need to enjoy a dance movie.

Set in Miami, it follows Sean, played by Ryan Guzman, and his friends who are part of a dance flash mob. He meets Emily, played by So You Think You Can Dance season 6 finalist Kathryn McCormick, who is a contemporary dancer who dreams of becoming a professional. Together, they use the dance flash mob to protest the demolition of Sean’s neighbourhood by an evil land developer – who happens to be Emily’s father.

There were elements of the story that I could see coming from a mile away. The acting was very weak. There was one point in the movie that Emily calls Sean “John” and no one caught it. There wasn’t any chemistry between the two main characters, but they’re both nice to look at and Kathryn is an incredible dancer.

Did it have to be in 3D? No.

Dancing is always what saves these movies. I really enjoyed all the dance scenes. I liked the idea of the flash mobs. Some of them were cool and inventive and others were a little far-fetched. The best flash mob scene was the one in the office building. However, the song choice was a little controversial to me being a Les Twins fan. They danced to a song called Ants by the group Edit. It’s a great dance song because Les Twins danced to it first. It’s the kind of song you hear and think of Les Twins. It would have been great to bring them out at that point in the movie and watch them dance to a song that is pretty much their own.

There were a lot of familiar faces in the movie, like Twitch, Philip Chbeeb, Celestina and Mia Michaels. I liked that they brought back the contemporary aspect of dance. Travis Wall killed the choreography for those sections. And that final dance? Almost as good as the one in Step Up 2. Bringing out familiar faces always makes me lose it.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. As with every dance movie, no matter how bad the storyline or the acting is, inspires me and makes me admire dancers. Especially watching Twitch. I’m so proud of him for living the dream. Being in a movie like this is every dancers dream.

If the Step Up franchise ends here, I’ll be okay with it. They ended on a high note.



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September Favorites

September has been a pretty dope month for me, and this blog. I got to see Chris Brown and Miguel live in concert, and my posts reviewing the shows were really popular and I got great feedback. Besides going to concerts, there were some other things that kept me very entertained this month.

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August Favorites

It’s about that time, the end of the month, and the end of the summer. Here’s a few things I was feeling this August.

Watch The Throne – I was able to get this highly anticipated album by Jay-Z and Kanye West for free because I bought tickets to the concert (November 24, counting down the days). Twitter was going crazy over it, it was number one in over twenty countries and I’ve been listening to it non stop since I downloaded it. Two of the greatest rappers of all time on one album, there’s no way it could suck. I love that Frank Ocean has major shine on the album being featured on two songs. Now everyone is loving up his music, but just for the record I discovered him months ago, haha. What I love most about the album is knowing that I’m going to get to see them perform these songs in just a few months. Last month my go to album was Beyonce’s, this month it’s Jay-Z and Kanye.

Jumping the Broom – I don’t usually watch a lot of movies, but I had to go to the video store and rent Jumping the Broom. It was so refreshing to watch a black movie that did not involve Tyler Perry in any shape or form. The men in the movie were gorgeous, especially Laz Alonzo, and it was nice to see a film about a black couple in love getting married. It was a little stupid in parts and Paula Patton was super annoying, but yes I did cry when they jumped over that broom in their wedding. So beautiful.

Body Combat – I am a gym freak. I’m in there four to five times a week, doing both cardio and weights. One of my favorite classes is Body Combat, which is a sort of martial arts class where you’re kicking, punching and working up a major sweat. The new release was revealed this month and I fell in love with it. The music was really good, the choreography was hard and on top of all that it was fun. I’ve been doing combat for over a year now and there’s never been a release I’ve loved so much. I even went to extra classes just so I could keep doing it.

Spanish music – As I’ve said many times before, going to Punta Cana changed me a lot, and it definitely changed my music tastes. We were going to a club where they only played a handful of English music every night, so Spanish music became something my sister and I got used to. We even bought a CD with over 100 Spanish tracks. Now artists like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Prince Royce, Chino y Nacho, and Celia Cruz are in heavy rotation on my iPod, and I don’t speak very much Spanish. Music is a universal language though, and I can feel what they’re saying.

Till next month!

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For Colored Girls – A Review

I’m not the type of person to stand in line opening night of a Tyler Perry film. I’m very critical of him and the messages he sends in his films. But last night was different. There was no Madea, no Tyler Perry acting in the film at all. It was For Colored Girls, the movie based on the iconic play for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuff by Ntozake Shange. I had heard of the play before, but only read it once I knew it was going to become a movie. The play is a choreopoem, a collection of poems read by seven women identified only by the colours they wear. Reading it, I had no idea how Tyler Perry was going to be able to turn this in to a film. The play is a classic to many people. I wanted to see how he’d be able to tell this important story about black women.

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Step Up 3D – Inspiring and Awful

Step Up 3D was the most anticipated movie of the summer (for me). The third film in the Step Up franchise, this movie was the first one to be filmed entirely in 3D. I loved it, of course, because it was a dance movie. I have yet to see a dance movie that I haven’t liked, but there were elements of this movie that bothered me. Continue reading

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