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I’m Over Scandal


I’ll admit, I was never a Gladiator. I got in to Scandal late. A few weeks before the second season premiere, I binge watched the first season. I loved the writing, the quick dialogue, the twists at the end of each episode and looking at Columbus Short. I couldn’t wait to live tweet the show with the rest of Twitter.

Now, in to the third season I just don’t care anymore. I had my moments when I cared. I loved when Fitz and Olivia would have their tortured love monologues. When Fitz got shot I screamed in horror. I loved reading tweets about the show and being part of that crew of Scandal watchers on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter on Thursday nights and you don’t watch Scandal, you have no idea what anyone is talking about.

It was in the middle of the second season, after Fitz found out about the voting fraud and killed Verna that I felt like the show lost its way. I didn’t care about B-613. I didn’t care about Jake or like him with Olivia. I didn’t care who the mole was. I found that the only character I really cared about was Huck. The “Seven Fifty Two” episode was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

I love Shonda Rimes. As a writer she is my inspiration. But I saw the “Daddy!” reveal at the end of the second season coming. And now in to the third season with her father being so abusive and the head of B-613, it’s getting a little far fetched.  I haven’t watched the episode with Olivia’s mother yet but just the idea that her father faked her mother’s death and  kept her locked away for over twenty years is just…dumb. I’d prefer if Olivia’s parents were some regular folk who happened to have a daughter who became super smart and successful.

Olivia is best when she’s kicking ass, telling people what to do and being a boss. I’m sick of seeing her so weepy. I’m sick of her curling up in to the fetal position whenever Fitz calls. I hated that she fought so hard to save Jake’s life. These men treat her like crap but she keeps going back to them, which is the major flaw of her character. She can fix other people’s lives but hers is screwed up. It’s getting boring. I want to see Olivia smack people down. I want her to have a relationship with a new guy (Harrison, maybe?) who’s normal. Fitz and Olivia can only chase each other for so long.

And that rape scene. Others have written about it much better than I ever could. I’ll just say, it was uncomfortable to watch and unnecessary. I always liked Mellie, she didn’t need to get raped for her to become a more sympathetic character.

I don’t watch the show on the edge of my seat anymore. I watch because I like the writing, I like Huck, Harrison, Mellie and Cyrus. It’s still an entertaining way to spend an hour. I’m just not emotionally invested anymore.

Anyone with me out there? Anyone not feeling Scandal anymore?


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Washington Heights – A Show Abandoned

Washington Heights on MTV is an example of a show that failed not because it wasn’t good or didn’t have a devoted, core audience. It failed because the network it was on didn’t believe it would succeed and did absolutely nothing to promote it.

MTV doesn’t make reality shows about young people of colour, so Washington Heights, a show about Dominicans and Latino’s living in upper Manhattan was a nice breath of fresh air. Instead of it being Jersey Shore with brown faces, it was about young people trying to make it and do something positive with their lives and their art. It was a show that a lot of people gravitated to and loved, including me.

The early reviews of the show were positive, though some of the chatter on Twitter was saying it was boring or staged, it seemed like people were watching. However, Washington Heights debuted the same week as Buckwild, a show about young people in rural Virginia that was already seen as the new Jersey Shore. The Buckwild cast were on the Today Show, Access Hollywood, on MTV’s website, Tumblr page and all over their Twitter feed. It was obvious from the beginning that Buckwild was the show MTV was pushing, and Washington Heights just happened to be premiering the same week.

After the first episode aired, support for the show pretty much dropped completely. MTV live tweeted the first few episodes, but made negative comments about the show. R&B artist Miguel picked all the music for one episode and took over the MTV twitter feed to live tweet, but it was barely promoted and there was no mention in the episode that Miguel had picked the music. Barely any commercials for the show aired, the cast did very little media and perhaps the most crucial thing was the lack of reruns. MTV plays it’s signature shows, Snooki and JWow, Teen Mom 2, Catfish: The TV Show in marathons on the weekend. For a new show like Washington Heights, getting a big audience was important, especially since the ratings for the debut episode weren’t that great, and showing a marathon on the weekend would introduce more viewers to the show. It never happened. Now with one episode left, MTV Canada has pulled the show completely from its television line up, only showing it online and MTV US has pushed it back to 11 pm on Wednesdays.

It’s pretty clear that Washington Heights will not be getting a second season and it makes me angry because MTV never gave it a chance. The question is, why?

JP Perez, the star of the show, pitched the idea to MTV. It’s his show and his creation, which is something to applaud. The fact that MTV would put its time and money in to a show about Latino’s that showed them in a positive light was a step in the right direction. But it didn’t give MTV the standout personality like Snooki, it didn’t have shocking moments like Catfish, or drunk kids getting in to fights like Buckwild. Does that mean there isn’t a television market for young people of colour to be positive on TV? Do we have to settle for the Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of Atlanta?

It’s frustrating that MTV didn’t do everything they could to promote this show and allow it to become successful. But like many other Washington Heights fans, the show will always stay with me. It was fun to watch, the cast members were lovable and talented and smart. I hope they’re able to use the show to make their dreams come true.

Shame on you, MTV, for letting this show go.


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What I’m here for in 2013

I’ve been gone for a while. Life has been tough. The media has been uninspiring. Music has been blah. But three weeks in to 2013, it looks like things will change.

Here’s what I’m here for in 2013.

New Justin Timberlake and Beyonce albums – Being a 90’s child, these are the idols. Both of them are releasing albums this year and what makes me the most excited about it is they’re keeping true to themselves and not hopping on the dance music bandwagon.

Beyonce said to GQ magazine:

“I’ve been working with Pharrell and Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Dream. We all started in the ’90s, when R&B was the most important genre, and we all kind of want that back: the feeling that music gave us.”

Hearing that made me love her even more. I loved Beyonce’s last album, more than any of her other albums. It wasn’t as successful as her previous albums because it was strictly R&B. There are rumors her first single is called “Ratchet” with Lady Gaga. If that’s true, all I hope for is an amazing dance video like “Telephone.” With the Super Bowl performance, the album and the HBO documentary, Beyonce is about to take over 2013 and I’m ready.
Justin Timberlake hasn’t released an album in seven years. I was starting to give up on him and hate him for focusing on crappy movies instead of music. Then I heard the single and now I’m a JT stan again. Suit and Tie picks up right where FutureSex/LoveSounds left off. Screw the trends in pop music, JT kept it R&B and did what he does best. The reviews of the single were mixed, but according to Rolling Stone, Suit and Tie is projected to sell more copies then SexyBack. I can’t wait until his album, until he starts releasing videos. I’m excited for two of my favourite artists to come back hard this year.
Washington Heights on MTV – I’m a sucker for shows about young people of colour in New York City trying to achieve their artistic dreams. It’s like the books I write. As soon as I heard this show was in production. I knew I was going to watch it. I just didn’t think I’d love it so much.
It follows a group of friends living in the Heights following their drama with relationships and friendships. With reality shows, there’s always the question of if it’s real or not, but with this show, I don’t care. The boys are good looking, the girls are smart and I absolutely love the New York accents.
Whenever I watch it, all I want to do is write, which is a good thing.
Scandal – Best show on TV, hands down. It has been ages since I’ve been so addicted to a scripted television drama. Did I originally tune in because the lead was a black female? Yes. But the acting is incredible and the writing? Mind blowing. I didn’t realize how the stellar writing sets this show apart until I watched Megan Good’s show Deception last week. It was predictable with corny dialogue and an unoriginal story. Scandal takes twists and turns you’d never see coming, with smart, witty dialogue. Every Thursday night, Scandal fans take over Twitter. This show owes a lot of its popularity to social media and it actually lives up to the hype.
New adventures – 2013 is a year where I really have to make things happen for myself. I want that job, I want my books to be published, I want to travel more and I want that relationship. Anything can happen and I hope it will.

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How Social Media Changed Award Shows

The BET Awards are this Sunday. Of course, I’m excited. I’ve watched it every year since the very first show in 2001 (I missed last year cause I was in the Dominican Republic, but it was wack.) I’m excited this year not for the performers or the surprises or that Beyonce and Jay-Z are going to be there. I’m excited to live tweet.

I still remember the first time I live tweeted an awards show. It was probably the 2009 BET Awards and I was amazed at how every person on my timeline were watching the same thing and making hilarious jokes about it. It felt like I was watching the show with a room full of people instead of being by myself.

Some of the advantages of live tweeting a television event like an awards show is the ability to use the hashtag to have your tweet seen by everyone that is following along. In this case the official hashtag is #BETAwards. You can gain followers and find new interesting people to follow as well.

BET is also using social media to promote the awards and get fans involved. They have an active Twitter page for the awards, an iPhone and Android app that fans can download, a Facebook page and behind the scenes videos and photos on the official website. They are also running contests through these social media platforms, giving away tickets to the show. This will drive even more people to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  The online community needs to be engaged in order for them to be excited to watch the show. Right now, two days before the awards, Stephen Hill, executive producer of the show is using his Twitter feed to tease surprises and spoilers for the show to get people talking. Blogs are speculating who will perform and who will show up. There has to be moments that people will want to watch on YouTube the next day.

Television itself has embraced social media. It is common to watch a show and see a hashtag in the bottom of the screen, encouraging online conversation. Most people today watch television and tweet or blog about it while their watching. It is a new trend that I really enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter at @Amanda_Akousa for my commentary during the BET Awards this Sunday July 1st at 8pm!

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Time hasn’t been an issue for me in a while. It always felt like there was too much time and I didn’t know how to fill my day. That has changed completely. School is literally kicking my ass. There are so many assignments due, quizzes to study for, an event to plan and of course a novel to write. Unfortunately, this blog has been put on the back burner. Thanks to the people who’ve asked me what’s going on, telling me they check the blog for new posts. I appreciate you and I’ll work harder to post more. But honestly, not much has been happening. There are no dance shows on to complain about, TV has been dry and boring, the music out right now is terrible. So I’ll just write about a few things I feel like discussing.

Rihanna and Breezy – Probably 20% of this entire blog is about Chris Brown. I’m known at school as the ultimate Breezy stan (and I’m proud of it). The two songs that he did with Rihanna hit the Internet and people are outraged. I’m not, cause the songs are good, well “Birthday Cake” is good, not really feeling the “Turn Up the Music” remix.  I knew this would happen eventually. These two have this bond that I’m not even going to try to understand, it was only a matter of time before they became friends again. I’m at the point now where I really don’t care. It’s been three years, obviously Rihanna had to forgive him in order to move on and allowing him back in her life is her choice. I can’t say that I would never do that if I were in her shoes cause thankfully I’ve never had a guy beat the crap out of me. I’ve also never fallen in love with my best friend. They’re grown, I’m grown and if they want to make music together I’ll listen to it. Of course there’s the argument that Rihanna is a role model and all these young girls are going to think it’s okay to let your abuser back in your life. If I had a daughter, I’d definitely talk to her about this and say this is Rihanna’s choice, it doesn’t have to be yours if this happened to you. It’s not up to Rihanna to raise the children of the world. If it was, she would have done a lot more to help girls dealing with domestic violence then she has. It’s all about the music. Haters, come for me.

Romeo Santos – The only kind of music that is giving me any kind of enjoyment right now is Spanish music. My iPod is so incredibly boring. So many mornings I feel like I have nothing to listen to with over 1,600 songs on my iPod. Whenever I feel like that, I go to my Latin playlist and enjoy every song. The majority of songs I’ve added this year so far have been in Spanish and my favorite artist right now would have to be Romeo Santos. His songs are really good, he has a beautiful voice and he’s not that bad to look at. I watched the “All Aboard” video in class on my iPod and almost had a heart attack. It’s amazing to hear him sing in English and to see him in a video with Lil’ Wayne. I had an urge to start a Twitter campaign to get 106 and Park to play the video and then I realized that I’m not 17. I have better things to do with my time. But now with techno pop, weird British boy bands and the decline of R&B, I have to turn to music in a language I barely understand.

Q’Viva The Chosen – Speaking of Latin culture, this weekend I watched Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s new show Q’Viva. It’s a talent show where the former couple travel all over South and Central America looking for the best Latin talent. They went to so many countries, looking for singers, dancers and musicians. It was honestly so entertaining and amazing to watch. For JLO and Marc Anthony to do a show like this is amazing in itself. For them to go to these countries to find these talented people who maybe would never get the chance to leave their countries and come to the U.S is so incredible. I love artists who are able to reach such high levels of fame and then give back to their communities. This show represents Latin culture in a way not many people have seen before. I love it.

That’s about it. Spring and summer are coming, which means the return of SYTYCD and hopefully Dance Crew. Then I’ll have something to write about.

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Watch The Throne Concert Review

I’ve been to a lot of amazing concerts this year, I got to see Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and Miguel. But by far the best show I’ve seen this year, and maybe the best concert I’ve ever seen, is Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne Tour.

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Born to Dance Finale Review

In my previous post about Born To Dance, I admitted that I enjoyed the first episode, and wondered if the show would be able to hold my attention for the rest of the season. The season finale aired this Tuesday, and watching the three finalists dance on stage with Lady Gaga almost had me in tears. This show had me so hooked. There were some flaws along the way, but honestly, it was one of the BEST dance series I’ve ever watched.

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