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30 Days With a Kindle

I was that girl who was totally against e-readers. I was all, “I’d never get an e-reader, I love having a book in my hand and collecting books on my bookshelf!”

Then I realized I was broke and not getting an amazing discount on books anymore and the books I wanted were never at the library when I wanted them, so I started looking up e-readers and mentioning to my mother that maybe I’d get one “someday.”

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday last month. I was a little nervous. I had a stack of books I got for Christmas and now this shiny new e-reader that I wanted to fill with books. I didn’t know how I was going to juggle it all or if I would even like reading a novel on a device.

After a month with the Kindle, I’ve found that I’m reading more than I ever had (take away the enormous amount of time on my hands or that instead of obsessively writing like I usually do when I’m in a bad place, I’m obsessively reading.) I’ve read seven novels on the Kindle so far (two were short novellas I got for like $1 from Amazon), along with reading books. Like I said, my reading has become obsessive. 

What I love about my e-reader – The thing I love the MOST is climbing in to bed, turning all the lights off and curling up under the covers with my e-reader. It makes reading in bed so easy and comfortable. It’s easy to hold and it’s easy to turn the page. 

I’ve recently started highlighting memorable passages in books. I think this feature is going to come in handy the more I read. 

I love being able to “preview” a book from the Kindle store. I read the first 15-20 pages of The Goldfinch and I could not put it down.  I HAVE to read it. It’s next on my list.

The display on the Kindle really feels like your reading a book. I don’t see my reflection in the screen. I can change the brightness. It doesn’t feel as different from reading a physical book as I thought.

What I miss about books – There have been a few occasions I’ve gone to the bookstore to look at the book I’m reading on the Kindle and just find my place to see how far I’ve read. Even though the e-reader tells you what page you’re on and the percentage you’re at, there’s nothing like having a bookmark in a book and seeing how much you’ve read.

Also, there are some books I’ve read that I’m going to buy when they come out in paperback. For the only reason being they were so good I want to share it. I love passing along a good book and though it can be done with an e-reader, it’s not the same.

For now I’ve been going back and forth, reading a book one night then reading my Kindle the next night. I don’t think there will come a time I’m exclusively Kindle. I love having a stack of books. I love sharing books. I love the feeling of opening a brand new book.

But I love my e-reader. I think it will introduce me to new books and authors.

Books I’ve read on my e-reader:

Takedown Twenty – Janet Evanovich

All That Glitters – Alisa Valdes

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell (Loved this way too much)

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

Turn it Loose – Britni Danielle

Bared to You – Sylvia Day

Men We Reaped – Jesmyn Ward (Must read)

Physical books I’ve read recently:

The Invention of Wings – Sue Monk Kidd

Good Lord Bird – James McBride

Sula – Toni Morrison

Brother, I’m Dying – Edwidge Danticat


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Technology Slump

Just this week it became so apparent to me that all of the electronic things that I own and use everyday are so out of date. I’m so behind the times and it’s frustrating because really, my electronics are not that old.

It first hit me this weekend when I thought the connector to plug my iPod in to my car was busted. The radio station I usually used wasn’t playing my music so I decided to look at some new ones and possibly buy a new one. The cheapest ones in the store were just two cables you could plug in to the AUX jack of your car and play your iPod directly from the speakers. I looked all over my car, convinced I had to have one, I have a 2006 Toyota, but no AUX jack. Only newer cars have it. How frustrating! So to solve my technology problem, yesterday I sat in the car with my iPod connected, slowly checking each radio station until I found one that worked. My five year old car was too old for a good iPod connector.

That’s not the only problem. The basement in my house is equipped like it’s 2000. We still have a VHS player, and mountains and mountains of VHS tapes (they’re my treasures, I refuse to throw them away). We do have a DVD player, but it’s about eight years old. No flat screen TV, but a huge boxy one that I hate. My mother refuses to buy a PVR. The thought of being able to tape shows without using a tape blows my mind. Just this morning I was watching some commercial advertising a PVR, they said you could tape a show on one TV and watch it on another in a different room. I was like WOW! It’s so sad.

My laptop is about four years old, and still working pretty well (knock on wood), but I’m not ruling out the fact that it could die on me at any moment. I’m going to start the process of backing up over 1000 pictures on an external hard drive.

It’s insane how fast technology moves. If something is 2-3 years old, it’s almost obsolete. My camera broke while I was in Punta Cana, I took it in to possibly get it fixed and they didn’t even make the parts for it any more. I got that camera in 2007. The technology moves so fast, it’s impossible to keep up and stay current. My iPod Touch is just over a year old, and it’s considered 3rd generation. If I want a case for it, I have to get it online cause they don’t even have it in the stores.

I guess I’ve come to terms with all of my old electronics, but I’m still working on that PVR. Either I break my mom down to get one, or I’m moving out!

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A Week Without Internet Changed Me

I’ve been home from Punta Cana for a week, and I still think about it constantly. I feel lighter, even though I’m coming back to the same life that had me so miserable. Because I had that week away from it, now I feel like I can handle it and things will get better. But what changed the most was living for seven whole days without a phone, or Internet.

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